Author: Bake
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.8

Short description: Denounces/logs/bans teamkillers

Date: 2013-02-22 12:14

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Teamkill Punishment (TKP)


TKP denounces, logs and temporarily bans teamkillers automatically. Unlike most other scripts it can handle cases in which ArmA fails to detect kills or blames the wrong players. For example running people over is detected and drivers/commanders are not blamed when vehicle gunners teamkill.

  • Denounces teamkillers globally using either the chat or hints
  • Bans teamkillers until mission end when limits exceeded
  • Separate limits for teamkills in the base and in the field
  • Logs teamkills and bans including the teamkiller's UID to the server's RPT file
  • More reliable teamkill detection than in other scripts
  • Settings fully configurable
  • Very simple integration into missions

Extract the "teamkillPunishment" folder into your mission's root folder or any subfolder you want. Then add the following code to your init.sqf file (create one if necessary):
execVM "teamkillPunishment\init.sqf";
Adjust the path if necessary.

You can change default settings without modifying the original files which makes updating them much easier. To do that assign values to settings defined in teamkillPunishment\defines.sqf prefixed with BAKE_TKP_ anywhere before initializing the script. Example:
execVM "teamkillPunishment\init.sqf";

This technique replaces parameters for better variant management in an upcoming game mode for which TKP was written.

To suggest features, report issues, contribute or keep track of the development use the Git repository.

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