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Requirements: Community Base Addons, Aliabad-Region

Version: 0.1
Signed: Yes

Short description: Cobra is a multiplayer mod for Arma 2 / Arma 2: OA featuring Sandbox gameplay, Fully persistent game world, Hardcore survival simulation, Affiliation system.

Date: 2013-03-02 21:53

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Cobra Sandbox - Persistant Survival Sandbox


Cobra is a multiplayer mod for Arma 2 / Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead featuring:
    - Sandbox gameplay
    - Fully persistent game world
    - Hardcore survival simulation
    - Affiliation system

  • Sandbox Gameplay
      Featuring the ever-popular free-form sandbox survival gaming, with completely persistent game world and persistent player gear.
  • Fully persistent game world
      Built from the ground up with SQL support. The game saves the player gear and stats on a persistent database.
  • Hardcore survival simulation
      Takistan hates you. Resist the scorching heat, dehydration and deadly background radiation(tm), while trying to avoid getting shot by other people.
  • Hardcore loot system
      Turn every single of the (enterable) buildings on their heads while searching for precious loot. Gather desperately needed water from wells or soda cans, collect radiation meds to survive travels through the highly irradiated areas and salvage broken weapons for usable parts to craft working ones.
  • Slow pace
      The view distance is recommended at 3km. The map it is played on (Aliabad) offers soft hills, small settlements and little vegetation. The loot amount and rarity is carefully tuned for a slow pace in gear Aquisition, combat and recon.
      (While 3km might sound insane, it runs well on older PCs because there is far less object density than on Chernarus)
  • Freeform affiliation system(tm)
      Form your own database-supported affiliation and make friends or enemies . (Every player can form his own group with custom ranks that are displayed ingame). Wage wars over loot spots and wells or simply because that guy from the other clan looked at you wrong.
      Kill-messages never show you the name of the killer, but instead his affiliation. Every action you do will reflect on your clan/group/gang.
  • Hardcore combat
      A maximum view range of 3100m make proper recon tactics and the use of binoculars your most important weapon. Spot other groups from miles away and observe them before making a decision on wether to interact or not.
  • Enhanced recon system
      Depending on distance and optics used, the name, rank and affiliation is displayed for units that are being aimed at.
  • Strategic Static weapons
      There are some static machine guns scattered across the map. The loot system refills the ammo every 1-2h for every assembled static weapon. So if you want to have some teamplay, talk some pack mules I mean loyal clan followers into carrying the gun parts into strategic locations. Then you can nail other players from over a kilometer away (and even farhter if you got a buddy spotting with a binocular!)
      Note: Backpacks and weapon backpacks are not saved by the database yet. Normal backpacks are not in the loot list anyway.
  • The best fucking custom weapon sounds ever
      Not joking around, bought from commercial sources and hand-mixed to perfection (Unlike the average sound mod that basically is a library of movie sound rips)
      I do not permit using these outside of COBRA, so respect the hard work that went into that and dont rip the sounds
  • Some level of anti-quitter protection
      Damaged or killed players will instantly log their status to the database means they can not escape death by logging out quick.

This mod uses the following Addons:
    - Arma2NET (scottNZ)
    - ARMA2NETMySQL Plugin (firefly2442)
    - CBA
    - Aliabad (McNools)
Clients will only need Aliabad and CBA!

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

Alpha notice:
The mod is in alpha, so things might not always work as expected.

- I do not know how well the dedicated server will handle large amounts of people yet.
- There are no backpacks yet.
- You might get greeting messages from ghost players at times (rare)
- The server runs on the latest non-beta version (because I do not know how to install the beta patch on remote dedicated servers. (And the installer going "lolfuckyou game not installed" whenever trying to patch does not help either).
- The affiliation system, while fully working ingame, has no ingame creation or joining features yet. If you want to register your clan you can do so by posting in this topic or writing me a pm. Also note that the affiliation system is more meant as a "fallout2 clan name tattooed on your forehead" kind of deal instead of quick dynamic grouping with strangers. In any case, there will be a fully working ingame interface for creating/joining, but I would first like to see if this mod is going to gather a crowd before spending 2 weeks coding that system.
- Vehicles and static weapons are not saved after a server restart yet.
- When leaving the game and joining back in you will appear next to your vehicle instead of inside of it.
- The airfield marked on the map (in Aliabad) is not a real airfield, there is nothing to loot there. It appears to be a WIP location created by the map designer (McNools)

Credits & Thanks:

Looking at some script to help you figure stuff out is ok, copying them or the whole mod for your own purposes is not. I do not permit creating derivates of the mod. In simpler words: Do not rip the whole mod to create submods or other versions of it.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Aliabad-Region
- Community Base Addons

- Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Beta patch

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