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Dealman released his ArmA 3 Alpha Units Extended addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Dealman :
    This Mod was inspired by's Littlebird Extension. So credits go to him for inspiring me to do this!

    I realized that there were Civilian variants for the Quadbikes but those are not currently available in the Editor, so I decided to make a Mod similar to his but with the Quadbikes, however, I also took the time to add in some more variants of other vehicles while at it. In the end I ended up with 20 new vehicles, those are:
    • Quadbikes:
        • A3A: Quadbike Blue
        • A3A: Quadbike Red
        • A3A: Quadbike White
        • A3A: Quadbike Black
    • MH-9:
        • A3A: MH9 Black
        • A3A: MH9 Red/White
        • A3A: MH9 Blue/White
        • A3A: MH9 Independent
    • AH-9:
        • A3A: AH9 Black
        • A3A: AH9 Red/White
        • A3A: AH9 Blue/White
        • A3A: AH9 Independent
    • KA-60(Armed):
        • A3A: KA-60 Independent
        • A3A: KA-60 Blue/White
        • A3A: KA-60 Black
    • KA-60(Unarmed):
        • A3A: KA-60 Independent
        • A3A: KA-60 Blue/White
        • A3A: KA-60 OPFOR
    • Speedboat:
        • A3A: Speedboat Minigun Independent
        • A3A: Sppedboat HMG Independent

Written on 2013-03-07 06:53 by Armaholic  

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