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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.01

Date: 2014-04-05 06:13

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Total Conquest - Arma3


Instability has finally erupted into an all out battle for control where all sides come ready to fight and scorched earth is a viable option. It's up to you to pull together a team and lead them to the ultimate victory... TOTAL ANNIHILATION OF THE ENEMY! With total freedom, how you approach your mission is entirely up to you. Take control of any vehicle, recruit soldiers or go it alone, there are no rules other than get it done. Total Conquest is a fast paced, action packed engagement where the enemy could be lurking around any corner, so watch your back and stay frosty soldier.

  • Totally dynamic combat
  • Instant action
  • Selectable soldier count, vehicle count, vehicle types, AI skill, fire-team size, starting time, weather, quick start option...
  • Selectable spawn points
  • Selectable soldier class or random selection
  • Totally independent AI
  • Recruitable AI
  • Drive any vehicle
  • Complete mulitplayer compatibility with up to 12 players(subject to change)
  • Join other player groups
  • Random Environment

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA3\MPMissions folder.

    What do the markers on the map mean?:
    Blue = West CP - totally controlled by the west with no enemies in the area
    Red = East CP - totally controlled by the east with no enemies in the area
    White = Neutral CP - controlled by no one with no troops of any kind in the area
    Yellow = Contested CP - this means that there are multiple teams in the area fighting for control of the CP
    Black dot in the middle of a zone indicates that the zone is able to spawn in troops.

    Spawns only occur at control points that are controlled by the corresponding team and contain buildings that report room positions... if a CP is contested, no spawning will occur there until one of the teams takes control of the point. In the event that all of the buildings (possible spawn positions) in a zone are too damaged or destroyed it will be removed from the spawn point pool but will remain a capture point. A winner is decided when a team reaches the set score limit, the time limit is reached (high scoring team wins) or only one team is left with zones on the map. If your team has no control points with valid spawn postitions when you die, you will be automatically switched to the remaining team with the least amount of control points and carry on the battle with that team. This does not necessarily mean your original team is completely out of the game. If there were troops alive from your original team they can still take control of a CP, and if they do, you will be moved back to that team when you respawn.

    Total Conquest layouts now cover a much larger area of the map than past Urban Conquest layouts and contain between 30-40 total capture points. Depending on the scope you choose in the parameters, the layout of the mission will be randomly selected from the points in the layout providing for a different layout every time you play. The parameters allow you to tweak the mission enormously and can be tailored to suit any kind of game play. I'll try to get something together that better explains all of the parameters as well as creating presets to ease the process.


    To do list:
    - Add some kind of ammo crate system
    - Try to get AI groups to use vehicles with cargo slots for transport and deployment in target zones
    - Create presets for game modes for easier administration
    - More map layouts (including custom maps)

  • Added defense for all zones. Attacking groups will now peel off of attack to cover undefended or under defended zones.
  • Player can now dismiss soldiers to defend zones
  • Can now switch to vehicle (will move to driver position)
  • Player can now spawn to group in owned zones
  • Player can force respawn
  • When original team looses all zones the player will be moved to another team on respawn, but if the original side regains a zone they will be returned to that team.
  • Vehicles now stay to defend zones until defenses arrive (on some occasions they will dismount and assume defense)
  • Weather now selectable and synchronized across clients and JIP
  • Layout is now dynamic with size of mission selectable in parameters. The layout chooses random points from a pool creating a completely different layout every time (tons of possible layouts in one mission)
  • Several options for game style (Conquest with quickstart, conquest with single starting point, advance and secure, domination). Requires complete tweaking of parameters.
  • Updated vehicles

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    - BI forums

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