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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: Beta 33
Date: 2014-04-24 12:41
Submitted by: L_etranger

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Virtual TrainingSpace 4.0 - A3


VTS is a mission sandbox.
One of the connected players choose to be the Game Master when the mission start.
VTS allow the Game master(s) to create multiplayers cooperatives missions in real time (players connected). with a lot of short cuts to make it quickly.
You don't need to know anything in scripting or mission editing.
It's really easy to use, you can spawn everything on the map just in 2 clicks.
You can play in MP or SP (very good to test new islands, vehicles or to use Arma in Role play with friends).
And the best, the mission dynamically pre-load every addons of your game (custom addons too), ready to use.

Find more info about the mission in the page for the Operation Arrowhead version: Virtual TrainingSpace 3.5 - OA Co-105

- Live operation creator.
- Compatible with every past & future addons.
- Powerfull & simple AI management (compatible with any AI addons).
- Gamemaster / operator centered mission.
- One interface to rule them all... and in the darkness bind them.
- Multiple mission parameters & rules.
- Fully configurable equipment shop.
- Unleash the BIS sandbox power in a few clicks and let your imagination do what ever you want.
- From hardcore operation to fast action mission, or even TvT.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA3\MPMissions folder for multiplayer/coop.
Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA3\Missions folder for singleplayer.

Here is a Quick Manual (thanks to Kibot)


-Fixed : GM object marker not at good position when spawning OBJECT type in 3D on dedicated.
-Improvement : GM Musics list are also build from mission CfgMusics now (useful when musics are integrated directly into mission)
-Improvement : Fast rope now give better visual feedback (thanks to Mach1muscle351)
-Fixed : Shop sometime unable to buy magazine having the same name class as a weapon
-Fixed : Movable object carried by soldiers doesn't arm vehicle anymore on contact
-Improvement : Client should not spawn in water anymore on initial launch with high network imprecision setting on the server
-Fixed : VTS Revive should not stuck anymore to revive player with 0 live left
-Improvement : Fix Swim Animation Bug now also Fix FreeFall Animation Bug
-Improvement : Spawning manned Plane/Helicopter in 3D will not spawn them flying anymore (usefull for ready to take of plane / helico)
-Improvement : Leader of group with no order will not prone and stay in the empty anymore (with AI Smart Waypoint management)
-Change : Renamed VTS_IstransportVehicle script by VTS_isTransportTaxi
-Shop Improvement : Buying a weapon is now offering a magazine free of charge loaded in the weapon (if you have enough space in your inventory)
-Change class Improvement : Listing is now sorted by Alphabetical order
-Fixed : Delete sometime was not deleting correctly the crew of vehicle in certain situation
-Fixed : Vehicle Skill not read correctly on property panel in certain situation
-Fixed : Change class, removing backpack with scope = 1 even if parent backpack was available in the shop
-Improvement : Seek And Destroy order will now hunt nearby enemy indefinitely (with AI Smart Waypoint management)
-Improvement : Unit with no order or having a short patrol will now hold their initial position in combat (with AI Smart Waypoint management)
-Fixed : Issue with "populate with civilian" when no vehicle is know in the selected faction
-Improvement : "Populate with civilian" spawn 50% more NPC and moving NPC uped from 10% to 30% (Be carefull with big radius)
-Update : Updated UPSMON behavior script to lastest (thanks Azroul13)
-New feature : vts_IsNavigableCargoHalo which allow plane or chopper with navigable rear cargo to be used as static halo/para drop point. (Only work with vehicle you can walk inside)
-Shop New feature : "Import/Export Loadout", usefull to share gears setups, as text, outside of the game.
-Shop Improvement : Better detection of Uniform compatibility with the player
-Fixed : Shop giving backpack without removing the content of the backpack.
-Fixed : Terrain Thermal issue at night
-New feature : After Action Report, available for GMs. Allow to record part or all of the mission to replay it later (Playback are broadcasted to all connectect player, Export/Import are only functionnal with @iniDBI mod due to their large size).
-Added Zeus compatibility if detected on the installation.
-Improvement : GMs markers are now more dynamic and show up all spawned mission objects
-New feature : GMs can now change Wind strength
-Improvement : E and R keys can now be used to cycle through unit to spawn in 3D spawning
-Improvement : Added a confirmation to the "send player to base" to avoid miss click
-Improvement : Filtering object now is caching results for faster research with the same filter
-Fixed : GMs UI Help lines alignement

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Virtual TrainingSpace 4.0 - A3 Co-320
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Virtual TrainingSpace 4.0 - A3 Co-320
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