Coop mission : Virtual TrainingSpace 4.0 - A3 by L'etranger hotfix

L'etranger informed us he released the proper updated version of his Virtual TrainingSpace 4.0 mission which he ported to Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    -Fixed : GM object marker not at good position when spawning OBJECT type in 3D on dedicated.
    -Improvement : GM Musics list are also build from mission CfgMusics now (useful when musics are integrated directly into mission)
    -Improvement : Fast rope now give better visual feedback (thanks to Mach1muscle351)
    -Fixed : Shop sometime unable to buy magazine having the same name class as a weapon
    -Fixed : Movable object carried by soldiers doesn't arm vehicle anymore on contact
    -Improvement : Client should not spawn in water anymore on initial launch with high network imprecision setting on the server
    -Fixed : VTS Revive should not stuck anymore to revive player with 0 live left
    -Improvement : Fix Swim Animation Bug now also Fix FreeFall Animation Bug
    -Improvement : Spawning manned Plane/Helicopter in 3D will not spawn them flying anymore (usefull for ready to take of plane / helico)
    -Improvement : Leader of group with no order will not prone and stay in the empty anymore (with AI Smart Waypoint management)
    -Change : Renamed VTS_IstransportVehicle script by VTS_isTransportTaxi
    -Shop Improvement : Buying a weapon is now offering a magazine free of charge loaded in the weapon (if you have enough space in your inventory)
    -Change class Improvement : Listing is now sorted by Alphabetical order
    -Fixed : Delete sometime was not deleting correctly the crew of vehicle in certain situation
    -Fixed : Vehicle Skill not read correctly on property panel in certain situation
    -Fixed : Change class, removing backpack with scope = 1 even if parent backpack was available in the shop
    -Improvement : Seek And Destroy order will now hunt nearby enemy indefinitely (with AI Smart Waypoint management)
    -Improvement : Unit with no order or having a short patrol will now hold their initial position in combat (with AI Smart Waypoint management)
    -Fixed : Issue with "populate with civilian" when no vehicle is know in the selected faction
    -Improvement : "Populate with civilian" spawn 50% more NPC and moving NPC uped from 10% to 30% (Be carefull with big radius)
    -Update : Updated UPSMON behavior script to lastest (thanks Azroul13)
    -New feature : vts_IsNavigableCargoHalo which allow plane or chopper with navigable rear cargo to be used as static halo/para drop point. (Only work with vehicle you can walk inside)
    -Shop New feature : "Import/Export Loadout", usefull to share gears setups, as text, outside of the game.
    -Shop Improvement : Better detection of Uniform compatibility with the player
    -Fixed : Shop giving backpack without removing the content of the backpack.
    -Fixed : Terrain Thermal issue at night
    -New feature : After Action Report, available for GMs. Allow to record part or all of the mission to replay it later (Playback are broadcasted to all connectect player, Export/Import are only functionnal with @iniDBI mod due to their large size).
    -Added Zeus compatibility if detected on the installation.
    -Improvement : GMs markers are now more dynamic and show up all spawned mission objects
    -New feature : GMs can now change Wind strength
    -Improvement : E and R keys can now be used to cycle through unit to spawn in 3D spawning
    -Improvement : Added a confirmation to the "send player to base" to avoid miss click
    -Improvement : Filtering object now is caching results for faster research with the same filter
    -Fixed : GMs UI Help lines alignement

Written on 2014-04-24 12:41 by L_etranger  

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