Coop mission : Virtual TrainingSpace 4.0 - A3 by L'etranger updated

L'etranger informed us he released an updated version of his Virtual TrainingSpace 4.0 mission which he ported to Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    - Improvement : Added Fast and Fastest speed on camera, 3d placement and 3d move (ALT or ALT+SHIFT)
    - Improvement : Added slower speed for 3D placement and 3d move for lower angle rotation and height change (CTRL)
    - Improvement : Headless client is now teleportable by GM
    - Fixed : Some ammo box not correctly displayed in logistic spawning list
    - Improvement : Logistic list doesn't show up backpack anymore (only crates)
    - Improvement : Change class now use Shop items availability on player (ex: if a scope is unavailable in the shop using a class with a scope as default item will be removed)
    - Improvement : Better name display for Units of the Change class menu
    - Improvement : Param panel now only display 2 number after comma
    - Improvement : GM spawn selector now also display class name (which can also be used for filtering)
    - New Features : vts_isclue to give object meaning to players
    - Improvement : Added more editor object in the Object selector spawner
    - Improvement : Spawning objects in 3D should be more gentle for the surrounding environement
    - Change : Spectator mode now only show units from the same side
    - Improvement : Change GM object marker color to Yellow for better visibility
    - Change : Logistic object also spawn a GM Marker
    - Change : GM - Disabling Players marker also disable VTS Death message for GMs
    - Improvement : "Weapon on back" now keep weapon on back, use "Weapon in Hand" to get it back.
    - New features : vts_ShowObjectsOwner for GM to know multiplayer ownership of mission objects
    - New function : vts_setbasepos to allow a base to be moved to an object or a position (usefull to move a base inside a building)
    - New features : vts_IsMovable to enable logistic behavior on objects (that can be moved by players and loaded into vehicles)
    - New function : vts_EnableGM to enable GM UI on any player mid-game
    - Improvement : Updated command line examples to display usefull functions
    - Change : Replaced order UPS ambush by UPS Hold Area

Written on 2014-03-03 07:07 by L_etranger  

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