Opt Into the Arma 3 Development Build - Steam guide

Nicholas informed the community on the BI forums how you can join the Arma 3 Development Build.
You can choose to opt out again of the developer build and it will reinstate the standard Arma 3 alpha!

    Quote :
    Using the development version of the game could hamper your experience with the game, with some unfinished assets available. However, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Feedback can be submitted at

    Want to be apart of the ArmA 3 development builds? Follow these 5 simple steps:
    1. Open Steam and go to your game library
    2. Right click on ArmA 3 Alpha, click Properties
    3. Click on the BETAS tab
    4. Click on the drop down menu, choose development - Development Build
    5. Click Close

    Congratulations, you are now in the development build of the Arma 3 alpha!

    Joris-Jan van 't Land:
      The default version will get updated only after we put it through internal QA (it's still an Alpha, but we'd like to make sure those updates at least allow you to start the game ). The Development branch will soon become a frequently updated branch by all of our developers: programmers, encoders, artists, designers and more. This may cause it to not work one day and work very well the next, it may contain experimental features, a sneak peak at new content, etc. If you do not want to bother with the risk of a more broken version, you're advised to stick with the default. The Alpha Hub will become the source of updates and hopefully changelogs. I believe the first publications to this branch are coming up later today.

Arma 3 Development Build discussion thread.

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