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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.05

Short description: This library contains functions ranging from global execution functions to various string altering functions.

Date: 2013-03-09 14:04

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Extended Functions Library


I created this library to help out scripters with common (or not so common) tasks that they don't want to code. This library contains functions ranging from global execution functions to various string altering functions. This library is nowhere near completed, and I will be updating this fairly regularly. If you want to help contribute to the library, either post a reply on this thread or PM me with the code and I can go ahead and add your code into it. I will also be taking requests for functions that you feel would be helpful to your mission-making/scripting. So if you have a suggestion you can either post it here or PM me. At the moment this library only consists of some code I've put together and some other code that I've had lying around so if you're not impressed by the first release of this, then just remember there's a lot more to come. I hope you all will find this project useful and any feedback is appreciated. Proper documentation and use of each function is located within ext > ext_fnc_lib.sqf. Each function has information on it's use, parameter explanation, and other documentation.

Keep in mind this project is by a scripter for other scripters, therefore I need your guys' input/suggestions to make this the best I can! Also, if you have an issue with any of your content being included into the Library just pm me and I will remove it, or if I have forgot your name in the credits for something you have made then pm me and I'll include it.

1. Download the archive
2. Extract to your mission folder
3. Put this line of code into your init.sqf :
call compile preProcessFile "ext\ext_fnc_init.sqf";

Credits & Thanks:
- Horner
- marker
- Muzzleflash

- Added: ext_math_fnc_buildIntArray
- Added: ext_math_fnc_getDecimals
- Added: ext_str_fnc_capsSelect
- Added: ext_str_fnc_removeChars
- Changed: Method behind ext_math_fnc_addCommas

- Added: ext_misc_fnc_filter
- Added: ext_str_fnc_capitalize
- Added: ext_str_fnc_strToArr
- Added: ext_str_fnc_capsLeft
- Added: Array Library
- Added: ext_arr_fnc_pullIndex
- Added: ext_arr_fnc_selectRandom

- Added: lib folder
- Changed: Moved lib files to the lib folder
- Changed: Seperated functions into categories

- Added: ext_fnc_findMissionSpot
- Added: ext_fnc_addCommas

- Added: ext_fnc_listHint
- Added: ext_fnc_globalMessage
- Added: ext_fnc_reverseString

- Release

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- BI forums

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