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Version: 07.04.2013

Short description: This script gives a detailed kill count.

Date: 2013-04-07 17:59

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Basic killticker [ALPHA]


Thought I'd post this. This is a more advanced killticker I've created for use in my own missions. Thought some other people might have use of it as well. It's not hard to implement.
For AI it displays classname of unit, for player it displays user name. It shows a maximum of 8 kills at a time, but this you are of course free to change.

Installation / Usage:
Place in your mission folder and run "killTicker.sqf" from init.sqf like so:
null = execVM "killTicker.sqf";
To add kill detection to units created during mission, run the following command after creation:
yourunitName spawn tlq_killTicker;

Known issues:
When player disconnects from an ai-disabled slot, script will fire.

- Tweaked things regarding dedicated servers

- Fixed bugs that caused script not to fire
- Brightened up colors on kills to increase readability
- Made global variables unique as to not interfere with other scripts
- Added "tlq_killTicker_init" variable to check if script has initialized

- Now registers much more accurately for aoe-based weapons (grenades, bombs)
- Kill detection handled by server (or hosting player)
- Colors for killed players now reflect their ingame color (blufor blue, opfor red).
- Fixed some bugs relating to unexpected types of deaths
- Now registers kills for ALL editor-placed units by default (includes playable units waiting to spawn)

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