Author: [WD]Elvis
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Version: 1.0 Hotfix

Short description: Opening briefing is a video, and a UAV orbiting overhead like in the ARMA 3 menu screen

Date: 2013-03-14 06:27

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[IN GAME] video & UAV Briefing!


In short terms, full preset loading screen, author text, summary, mission name AND loading screen image. Once the game starts a video plays, when the video is finished it cuts to a UAV circling above. UAV Camera! like in the menu screen.

  • Loading screen picture
  • loading screen author text
  • loading screen summary text
  • loading screen mission name
  • INGAME .ogv video in 1080p / 30fps

  • Installation in other missions:
    Put this in the init.sqf
    [] spawn {
    	scriptName "initMission.hpp: mission start";
    	["rsc\ARMA_3.ogv", false] spawn BIS_fnc_titlecard;	
    	waitUntil {!(isNil "BIS_fnc_titlecard_finished")};
    	[getPos orbit1,"Alpha and Bravo have been engaged by hostile forces, provide backup",300,200,180,0,[]] spawn BIS_fnc_establishingShot;   
    	//OR , The above is a bit more user friendly and easier to control.
    	//[[2879.289,5618.516,0],"Alpha and Bravo have been engaged by hostile forces, provide backup"] spawn BIS_fnc_establishingShot;	

    Put this in the Description.ext
    author = [WD]Elvis;
    onLoadName = Video / UAV Intro;
    loadScreen = "rsc\intro.paa";
    onLoadMission = This simple mission displays the awesome new and possible improvements to the outdated ARMA engine. The opening video is 1080P / 30FPS yet only 1209KB and of course the awesome UAV effect from the intermission screens. I hope you all enjoy and use these awesome effects. ;

    Add the RSC directory
    Add all the files


    Notes about the Hotfix:
    There seems to be a issue with the BIS_fnc_titlecard.sqf file that comes with arma.
    when the video is played all music thrown in with a trigger no longer plays.

    For now, just comment out these 2 lines found in the INIT.SQF
    //      ["rsc\ARMA_3.ogv", false] spawn BIS_fnc_titlecard;	
    //      waitUntil {!(isNil "BIS_fnc_titlecard_finished")};

    DO NOTE this will disable the intro video but the UAV will still be there. Again this is a hotfix and i will try to fix this asap.

    To do:
    Video Walkthrough of the entire template and how to fully customize it
    Documented files [ walkthrough within the files ]
    Markers that follow units during the UAV flyover

    Credits & thanks:
    Craig VG - Author of Dynamic Zombie Sandbox
    Spectre100 - Heavily modified DZS author
    [WD]Jigsaw - Driving me insane with ideas and possibilities for endless missions..
    ARMAHOLIC - A treasure trove of information once you work out the clunky search system.
    BIS Forums - So many bugs resolved... this would have taken me WEEKS without these guys.

    Enable javascript to be able to download from Armaholic please!

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