Coop mission : Assault on Stratis by Sykotika updated

Sykotika has submitted an updated version of his Assault on Stratis mission suited for 10 man a squad of highly trained soldiers.

    Quote Sykotika :
    Here is an update for my first mission called "Assault on Stratis", it is my first release so possibly has issues so please provide feedback and anything I have done wrong and if possible ways to fix it, would love to make more.

    In this new version I have removed all the unnecassary AI like the rabbits all over the island and civilians in Agia Marina due to the lag mentioned, hopefully this will help. Enemy AI could be reduced but this will then lower difficulty too much.
    Recommend not trying to play on host machine and have a good connection for host machine, other connected players appear to be fine when I have tested it

    Assault on Stratis is a mission suited for a 10 man squad of highly trained soldiers.

    Mission Briefing:
    Stratis Island has been taken and secured by Opposing Forces, we need to re-secure the Island to take back control of the region.
    You will be dropped on a small Rocky island to the North West of Stratis where you will continue on assault boats to Stratis in order to begin clearing and securing bases including the Primary Objective, the Air Field. Once done you will continue south clearing and securing more bases and towns ensuring no civilian casualties.
    • Task 1: Head over to Stratis using the boats and clear the Kill Farm and secure the vehicles
    • Task 2: Continue South East to Camp Rogain, Clear & Secure
    • Task 3: Clear & Secure the Air base to the West, recommend two 4 man teams infiltrate the Air Base while a 2 man sniper team provides overwatch from the lookout on the hill to the East of the Base, Note: Ensure silences are on hand for quick silent take downs of outposts or fireteams.
    • Task 4: Make your way East to secure Air Station Mike-26, Optional use chopper from the Air Base as Air Support
    • Task 5: Continue South securing Camp Maxwell and clearing Girna of enemy armour on the way to Extraction at the far South of the Island
    • Taks 6: Mission Complete

Written on 2013-03-14 08:33 by Sykotika  

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