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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.1 beta 1

Short description: Battle observation, Unit action pursuit camera script.

Date: 2013-03-14 16:48

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GCam - Script


GCam offers free camera operating with smooth movement for player. From beginning to end battle is observed by unit action pursuit, unit listing with list panel and symbolic situation viewing with search map.


Installation / Usage:
Execute GCam:
handle = [ Unit ] execVM "gcam\gcam.sqf";
This camera script needs "gcam_component.hpp" for mission editing.
Include "gcam_component.hpp" to "description.ext".
GCam Kill Command
When GCamKill = true, GCam quits immediately.


Video v1.12

Change log:
v2.1 beta 1
- unknown

- Improved camera performance.
- Improved GUI.
- Added view change function with v-key.
- Added parameter tracking function.
- Corrected many issues.

- Included addon version.
- Changed mouse pointer is not displayed.
- Added guided warhead trigger function.
- Added accTime change function.
- Added player cannot end GCam option.
- Corrected some issues.

- Integrated GCam and GCam Follow to GCam.
- Integrated GCam Auto and GCam Follow Auto to GCam Auto.
- Added Focus mode to GCam.
- Each mode is switched in realtime to GCam (Follow, Behind, Focus modes).
- Unit is switched with cursor key to GCam.
- Unit is switched by clicking a unit to GCam.
- Some functions were excluded so that GCam Auto might prioritize performance.
- Additionally, change in small specification.

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