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Version: 1.2

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Date: 2007-08-26 11:36

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Mando Gun ArmA

Description:Mando Gun ArmA
Mando Gun is a set of scripts that allows you to attach to any AI unit and weapon a custom gun. This way you may have, for example, Vulcans able to engange and shotdown Flankers flying at 800 km/h and 5Km away.

You may configure, between others, available number of salvos, horizontal and vertical dispersion, arc ahead of the unit where enemies may be detected and enganged, minimun knowledge about the enemy unit to engange it, muzzle velocity, salvos per minute, time needed to aim the gun, number of rounds per salvo, minimum and maximun range, types of enemies that will be enganged, enemy sides.

Mando Gun is fully compatible with Mando Missile. Guns may target incoming missiles, guns locking on air units will trigger a lock on alarm if the player is in the air target. Active Guns will be seen by antiradar missiles as potential targets.

Mando Gun units will reload themselves automatically if they are close to ammo trucks.

Mando Gun is also fully MP compatible.

Included demo missions:
mando_gun1_v1_2.Intro: Comparison between ArmA Vulcan and ArmA Vulcan with Mando Gun.
mando_gun2_v1_2.Intro: Static defensive positions with Mando Guns against several advancing squads.
mando_gun3_v1_2.Intro: Mando Gun and Mando Missile working together against enemy air units.
mando_gun4_v1_2.Intro: Static defensive positions with Mando Guns against your forces.
mando_gun5_v1_2.Sara: CIWS Phalanx antimissile system. Mando Gun armed Vulcans intercepting incoming missiles.
mando_gun_igor_sound.sara: Very long range deadly snipers and MG fire against your forces, by Igor Drukov.

- Added muzzle velocity, number of rounds per salvo, time needed to aim and shot sound resource as arguments for the script.
- Fixed shot FX for MP.
- Added bullets smoke trails.
- Included four new demo missions, one of them showing the guns intercepting incoming missiles.

- Automatic guns may attack infantry now.
- Automatic guns weapons now align correctly with the rounds trajectory.
- Added smoke and tracer effects (MP compatible).
- Included two demo missions for the editor: Vulcans against eneny choppers and flankers and static machine gun defensive positions against enemy infantry assault.
- Added more parameters to mando_gunattacker.sqf.

- Initial release

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