Dslyecxi's 'Paper doll' Gear Menu updated
Editing and Scripts

Dslyecxi informed the community on the BI forums he released an updated version of his Arma 3 "Paper Doll" Gear Selector on the website.

This new version is now compatible with the latest Arma 3 dev build (the Arma 3 Beta!). You can download that version from here: Arma 3 "Paper Doll" Gear Selector [BETA] v1.2.
It is also available on our downloadpage as a seperate download.

    Quote Dslyecxi :
    The included scripts can be used to create an Arma 3 Gear selector in the same way as I used in my Dslyecxi's Arma 3 Gear & Weapons Customization Overview.

    • Allows easy selection of weapons, gear, attachments, launchers, etc, and pulls these from the game configs (ie, it’s not hard-coded). Specifically, it supports selecting: Helmet, goggles, vest, uniform, backpack, primary weapon, secondary weapon, pistol, attachments for primary weapon (rail, suppressor, and optic), and face.
    • Allows for easy view distance, overcast, time, and day-of-month adjustment
    • Camera auto-focuses on the element of gear that’s being changed, and can be manually set to head, body, backpack, or weapon.
    • Thermal vision toggle allows you to check the thermal signatures of gear.
    • ‘Randomization’ option allows a random sampling of gear to be loaded.
    • ‘Copy’ button copies the current gear items to the clipboard in an array like this, allowing you to easily export a given loadout.

    • Sliders now show the display name (vs classname) of the selected item, and the 'copy' function now copies out the gear and commands necessary to apply it in-game from a unit's init field.

Written on 2013-06-22 10:31 by Dslyecxi  

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