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Version: 1.2

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Date: 2007-08-30 20:43

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COC Extended Marker Addon

This addon adds over 550 new NATO symbols to your game which allow creation of realistic map overlays.

The markers are organized in categories for easy usage:
    - Infantry Units
    - Mechanized/Armor Units
    - Reconnaissance Units
    - Artillery/Fire Support Units
    - Heli/Aviation Units
    - Air Defence Units
    - Headquarters
    - Special Forces
    - Enemy Units
    - Unit Mission/Task Symbols
Most unit markers are available in generic, squad, section, platoon and
company sized variants.

To simplify finding a specific marker while scripting or mission editing,
an extensive reference PDF file is included listing all markers.

This addon will be used by the upcoming Command Engine X (CEX) for ArmA.

Just extract the pbo(s) file(s) into your ArmA\Addons folder or use the modfolder method (recommended).

Included files:

jens198 (Testing)
Leoline (Coding / Testing)
burningtrees (Color Schemes)
Phaeden (USMCsymbols)
Spinor (Enhanced USMCsymbols / CEX-Marker / Testing)

The Extended Marker Collection addon (hereafter 'Software') contains markers
to be used in the PC CD-ROM game "ARMED ASSAULT/COMBAT OPERATIONS" (hereafter
'ARMA'). To use the Software you must agree to the following conditions of use:

1. The Chain of Command/Leonardus (hereafter 'CoC') grants to you a personal,
nonexclusive license to use the Software for the purpose of designing,
developing, testing, and distributing non-commercial game content for ARMA.

2. Modification of the Software, in part or in whole, without written permission
from CoC is expressly prohibited.

3. The commercial exploitation of any game content created using the Software is
expressly prohibited.

4. Reverse-engineering, or other conversion of the Software for use with any game
except ARMA is expressly prohibited.

5. The Software may only be re-distributed in its entirety, complete with this
"ReadMe" document.

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