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Date: 2007-08-30 22:21

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Load Static

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I hope you're not into "it has to look real" and a simple way will do it for you. First of all, you can transport any of the static guns into any Vehicle with one exception: you'll need a truck to transport M119 or D30 (the canons). Else you're not limited. Also the static is not assigned to a vehicle so it hasn't to be the same vehicle to load.

2 scripts: load_static.sqf & unload_static.sqf

To start with a loaded static, add the following line into vehicles init line:
this addaction ["Unload static", "unload_static.sqf", "M119"]
At this stage there's no check of vehicle or static so at this point you might load a M119 into a UAZ and you're also able to unload it, but loading afterwards will not work.
To load another static, just change the "M119" to something else, you'll find the classnames into the scripts.

To start with a empty vehicle but capable to load statics, add this to the init line:
this addaction ["Load static", "load_static.sqf"]

Limitation I put in:
Only engineers (every side) can load and unload statics. Made this to add some strategic components into it. If you want you might allow more classes to do it, open both scripts and you'll see where to add them.

How unloading works:
Drive the vehicle to the place where you want to place the static gun. Disembark. Select the action menu entry to unload. Now you have 10 seconds to move yourself to the place you want it exactly have. The gun will be placed 5m in front of you, watching your direction.

How loading works:
Just drive your vehicle near to the static you like to load and select the action entry. Always the nearest static (relative to vehicle, not you) will be loaded.

Hope this is something you could use.

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