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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3

Short description: This does simulate a silent attack (eg. knife) on an individual.

Date: 2013-03-31 11:12

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Silent Takedown A2


This does simulate a silent attack (eg. knife) on an individual. If you get within range (2m in this case) you have the option (addaction - red, top most action) to do a 'silent takedown'.
That will kill the unit to your immediate front.

VERY difficult to do during the day. Much more feasible at night against an enemy without night vision!

I would see it being used for silent takedowns of sentries etc. (Better than using silenced weapons as they still make some noise - disadvantage is it is riskier as you need to get very close and it isnt instant)

Installation /Usage:
Unzip to your mission folder so it contains mission.sqm, scripts folder and readme.txt.

Instant setup:
Place the following in any unit/object init:
nul = [] execVM "scripts\zod_stakedown_init.sqf"

(Slightly) more advanced setup:
1. Create a trigger based on who you want to be vulnerable to silent takedowns
eg1 - OPFOR in a set area: create a trigger over that area and set it to OPFOR, PRESENT
eg2 - All units - Create a trigger that covers your whole mission area, set to ANYBODY, PRESENT
2. Place following in on activation:
nul = [thislist] execVM "scripts\zod_stakedown_init.sqf"

Advanced setup for individual units:
1. As above
2. In individual unit init lines put:
nul = [this, time, probability, minimum damage, use salute?] execVM "scripts\zod_stakedown_init_specific.sqf";
this - the unit you are configuring (if in init, use 'this' otherwise use unit name)
time - Time it takes for the unit to complete the melee attack (default 1.5)
probability - Liklihood of a lethal attack (0 will never occur, 1 will always be lethal) eg. 70% lethal probability = 0.7 (default 1)
minimum damage - The damage done if an attack is unsuccessful (default 0.5)
use salute? - true/false - if the 'Salute' animation is played to simulate the attack animation. If false, no animation is played to simulate the attack animation (default true)

"Killed by" hint
Place down the following anywhere (ideally just after your zod_stakedown_init initial call):
zod_stakedown_showhint = true;
This does not need to be called prior to your zod_stakedown init line
This can also be definited in your init.sqf

Hint text
You can disable the addaction text that appears in the middle of the screen using the same method as for the "Killed by" hint using the following:
zod_stakedown_showtext = false;

NB: Ensure you call this PRIOR to the zod_stakedown init line for reliability
This can also be definited in your init.sqf

In game:
Use saulte key to attempt a silent melee attack. You need to be looking directly at the enemy and be within 3m to do the attack. You need to maintain the enemy in the middle of your screen for the duration of the attack (default - 1.5 seconds)

Known issues:
MP testing complete without major issues.
The hint shown when a unit is killed by this script doesnt always show up the first time.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to aclaw4u and the blokes at the Midnight Crew Reddit Wasteland for testing!

- Removed ability to target friendly soldiers with takedown
- Added ability to disable the hint text

- Reworked script. Instead of silent takedown actions on the target, all individuals that are able to attempt the takedown are assigned the ability through an addaction.
- Added MP compatibility (respawn with action)
- Added extra variables and individual unit customisation
- Added 'killed by' hint to show melee kills

- Amended script - doesnt remove addaction now when dead. Initial MP compatability attempts

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- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

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