Author: Dr_Cox1911
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.2

Short description: This is a small hostage script

Date: 2013-03-29 20:35

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Hostage script [ALPHA]


Just here to release my first script ever! This is only a small one but maybe for some of you it will be useful.
So here it is, my little Hostage script.

Installation / Usage:
1. Place the "captive.sqf" and the "captivevars.sqf" inside your missionfolder.
2. Place the following code in the init-line of your hostage:
_null = [this] execVM "captive.sqf"
3. Alter the amount of spawnpoints within the "captive.sqf"
4. Place the amount of markers named like you did in the "captive.sqf" (e.g. "cap_pos0")

If you want to spawn the hostage on second floor of building set the appropriate height within the "z"-variable

Version 0.2 has not been properly tested in MP!

- Reworked the code (hopefully easier to handle now)
- Added MP-compatibility (need more testing though | Thanks to FSF_TargetZero)

- initial Alpha release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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