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Version: 28-08-2013

Short description: Benchmark your Arma 3
Date: 2013-08-28 09:32
Submitted by: Armaholic

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ArmA3Mark [BETA]


After having waited so long for a benchmark mission, no one provided to the community, I took the initiative and created the Arma 3 Version of the toad´s arma-mark to benchmark the MilSim we all appreciate.

Unzip the mission file and extract it into the mission folder in your steam -> arma3 directory.

Post your benchmarking results in this thread, please also add your system specs with your post!

- added benchmark for Altis

v0.51 beta
- made from the scratch in contrast to the version released by me for the Alpha
- this time it comes with no view distance presets meaning you can configure whatever distances suiting yourself

- Some locations changed for a more ideal showcase ---> v0.7 is not comparable score wise with previous versions
- Fixed some bugs which were burden the FPS slightly (AH 9 were attacking the OPFOR vehicles from Test 1)
- Optimized soem scene regarding the AI population

- you can now paste the results in a document of your choice (ctrl+v) for a more feasible reporting of results.

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ArmA3Mark [BETA]
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ArmA3Mark [BETA]
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