NV and Thermal Optics Pack by Uncertain
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Uncertain released his NV and Thermal Optics Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Uncertain :
    This mod adds eight new optics/scopes to Arma 3. These are copies of the regular ARCO & HAMR scopes, with the addition of togglable night-vision or thermal modes.

    Hopefully these should make night operations more feasible, and add a little more depth and choice to the alpha.

    As far as I know, this mod is currently incompatible with any other mods that add optics or scopes. This is due to the way scopes are defined as being attachable onto some weapons and not others.

    Using a conflicting mod shouldn't break the game; it should just prevent all but one of the mods' scopes from being attachable.

    Perhaps in the future a new method of adding scopes will become available, and this mod will become obsolete.

    • Two scopes with togglable night-vision optics:
        - HAMR NV
        - ARCO NV
    • Six scopes with togglable thermal-vision optics:
        - HAMR TS (Grey)
        - ARCO TS (Grey)
        - HAMR TS (Green)
        - ARCO TS (Red)
        - HAMR TS (Spectrum)
        - ARCO TS (Spectrum)
    • All the thermal optics can be set to use inverted colours as usual, with the exception of the two 'Spectrum' scopes which each use two different modes of wide-ranging colour instead.

Written on 2013-03-28 21:25 by Uncertain  

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