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If you have already downloaded the Proper Gameplay mod package or the Proper Effects mod package we ask you to please re-download. Both files have been updated!


Q from the Proper Mod project informs us the proper mods have been undergoing a lot of changes.
Here is the list of what is new:
    * Updated all projects
    * CfgAddons added to avoid missing addon error messages upon mission load.
    better inner structure
    * Added BISign files for all pbos and the PROPER.bikey to support signature checking.
    * Added PROPER Gameplay No AT Use Vs Men By AI
    * Added PROPER Gameplay RadioProtocol Fixed
    * Added PROPER Gameplay Vehicle Tank Armor
    * Added PROPER Gameplay Vehicle Transport Limit Expanded
    * Added PROPER Gameplay Weapon AA Launcher
    * Added PROPER UI B Side Fix
    * Added PROPER UI GPS Watch Compass Radio Model Reworked
    * Added PROPER UI GroupDir Size Reduced
    * Updated PROPER Effects Damage And Sea Texture Replacement Sakura Chan
    * Updated maybe a few others .. cannot remember..
    * Added a note about Obsolete PROPER addons in 1.09 beta.
    * Added package
Download the Proper Gameplay mod package from this page (including bisign files).
Download the Proper Effects mod package from this page.
Download the Proper UI mod package from this page (including bisign files).
Download the Proper World mod package from this page (including bisign files).
Download the Proper Anims mod package from this page (including bisign files).

Visit the Proper Mod project Biki site here to download each separate Proper mod.
Click "Read more..." to read some more information about this project.
These are signed addons. Server admins can download the bikey from here.

Head over to the BIKI. Our project site is the first place for you to look at.
You will find all the information about our projects there - only there!

Every project has a short description and a set of sample screenshots or videos to visualize the changes or additions.

PROPER Mod BIKI project site:

Want to ask you to either encourage your readers strongly to visit our BIKI site or you should make the informations from the BIKI site available on your site as well.
In other words, we don't want to have people download the addons without having them aware of the actual content and the way it is supposed to work.

"Learn from the configs" section on the BIKI site should motivate you to
get into config editing yourself. Take our and other people's work as an
example, learn and ask!

Deliberately the functionality is split into many small addons, so that
everyone can select what he likes and what not. Each addon can be used

Many UI projects are based on the PROPER UI preview we gave some weeks ago.
It has been polished a bit and most importantly split into various single
packages, so that everyone can select for himself. More stuff on the way here.

Expect a few updates on individual / specific addons of this pack, as well
as additions in the future. There are still quite a few in pipe.

Signature files will be provided soon for each individual addon,
each pack (Anims, UI and Gameplay) and maybe for each pbo version (not sure
about that one yet). Remind me please, if I forget about it.

You will find a few recommendations about other peoples work with go well
together with our work on our BIKI site soon.

Feel free to integrate these addons in your mod / addon etc.
Credits should be noted though!

Feel free to make suggestions on other useful changes to the rough ArmA. 

Written on 2008-01-03 12:02 by kju  

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