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Island(s): Stratis
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2013-04-01 07:13

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A safe journey home


The island of Stratis has been an independent nation whose population is looking for nothing more to carry out their drug-farming in peace. In the late 2020s it was suddenly taken over by a paramilitary force, its strategic location and drug background has made it exceptionally wealth. A half-decade of ruthless ruling ensued. A new splinter force called the SLF (Stratis liberation front) emerged; it overtook the current rulers to force a new ruling of their own. Despite the name SLF, still the Stratis civilian is in peril. The UN decided to intervene and sent in peacekeeping troops forming bases, unfortunately now well equipped by the paramilitary forces equipment and having spent a large amount of the islands drug-wealth on military hardware the SLF has turned out to be a force to be reckoned with.

Catastrophic Failure
In the event of an emergency the location of an island contact who has the coordinates of an emergency supply cache has been given to you. It shall contain food, water, ammunition and a long-range satellite radio, these however are for last resort use only.

Immediate Situation
Our immediate situation is this: 2-1-C, or those left at least, are getting extracted by helicopter, we are flying back to the aircraft carrier HMS Dauntless for debrief and some much needed R&R

So far...
My Callsign is 2-1-C, I was attached to Foxtrot company defending FOB Zulu when it came under sustained indirect fire. After the third day the SLF (Stratis liberation front) attacked ruthlessly, embankments covered by the bodies they were designed to protect. The FOB held for 4 long hours, eventually a flight wing was assigned to us to provide close air support, those that had survived the blood-bath retook the walls as helicopters spat down molten lead onto the retreating SLF. The FOB was a mess, nothing was left in-tact and so few solders remained the decision was made to pull out and abandon the base."]];

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