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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: ver 5

Date: 2007-12-17 22:07

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You start with 100 lives and get a bonus Life when you revive a freind, and get a life removed when you kill a Friend.
The mission is classed as co op and is very hard.

After loosing the battle for the island 2 years before. The might of the enemy forces has grown ten times. They constantly shown off there might in parades through the streets of ocupied towns.
Now the Enemy is developing new weapons of mass destruction we need to stop them and this time finnish them for good. The the UN has given us the go ahead to stop them finaly. The Islands can then be restored to a Democratic Goverment.
<The Plan is we have been dropped off at a near by island by the Nuclear Sub USS_Greeneville. From the small island, in a cover op to take out the Radar station. Then you will be given radio updates on your next targets. You will have only limited resorces so try to take rather than destroy where ever possible.

    - Dynamic Waether (kiljoy)
    - Revive script (thanks Myke)
    - Helicopters MI17's and UH60's Can Carry all Equipment except Tanks Thanks (xeno)
    - Can load static guns in to trucks (engineers only) (thanks Myke)
    - You have a Medikit 5 heals per person
    - MASH Tents for Medics (can heal without using medikit) (based on Kiljoys)
    - FARPS Repair/refuel/rearm all Equipment to 50M radius (based on Kiljoys)
Place the file in your mp mission directory.

Used Dynamic Group creator for creating groups of enemies
Also used the Grouplink2 add on to control 25 groups of additional AI men for additional targets and objectives
Use of the MR-Murry artillery script to create the west artillery control room and artillery support throughout the mission
Use of the Airlift 1.5B script for moving troops/players from A to B , additional helicopters where made available to fly by players for transporting vehicles and men to target zones
Created a few scripts to spawn new kit at Carazol Base, when city is taken ready for the AI attempt to retake the southern part of sara,

Removed the Grouplink2, and replaced with 6th-Sense AI manager what incorporates Grouplink2
Added a Civilian spy to dictators group to act as driver and informer (note they may give you false information as they may become double agents, you will not know until they shoot you

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