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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.61 beta

Short description: This package of scripts creates playable units that fall unconscious when killed, which can then be revived.

Date: 2013-10-24 09:02

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Revive Script


I've had a couple of people request this so the old dinosaur is back. Its essentially the old Arma 2 Revive v05 ported to work in Arma 3.

This package of scripts creates playable units that fall unconscious when killed, which can then be revived. Enabling the ability to revive and heal other players, along with the combination of revive and respawn can really enrich your mission. The scripts can be used to enforce co-operation between players as you'll need to stick together and help one another to successfully complete a mission and they can also be used to limit the number of lives given to each player in respawn missions. These canned scripts take the guess work out of building respawn and revive into your mission and be used with the AI-enabled or disabled in the description.ext or at the mission briefing screen.

SP compatible
MP compatible
JIP compatible
AI enabled/AI disabled compatible


Old Arma 2 video showing this basic functionality

Known issues:
- If you spawn into an unconscious unit that carries a pistol when you are revived you may be armed with your secondary weapon. However, when you shoot the rifle on your back fires. The only way I've found to resolve this bug is to respawn and be revived.
- There are some standard Titles and other standard sections added in the included files in the description.ext so integration of your own scripts that uses dialogs, titles or sounds with norrin revive may generate a lot of errors.

Credits & Thanks:
Coded By norrin
Based Upon Concepts by PRiMe, toadlife, [APS]Gnat and Mongoose_84.
Special Thanks to
Xeno – who has once again gone beyond the call of duty and helped optimise these scripts.
Hoz at OFPEC and Z-Special Unit ( for testing the latest versions and their many suggestions.
To my friends at MAPFACT - MCPXXL, Sgt. Ace and Lester, who are really responsible for the direction these scripts have taken during their development.
Dr_Eyeball for script fixes and Le_CuLtO for the much needed dialog code fix. (incorporated v0.50)
HulkingUnicorn for their scripting advice, testing and suggestions. Also to Ghost, satexas69, SNKMAN, sickboy, vengeance1 (JAAF), Legislator, Alef, Rommel and Raedor for all their suggestions, advice and support and to all at the BIS forums. Last but by no means least to Foxhound and ArmAholic for their great support and providing mirrors for all my scripts.
My clan XDF ( ) – who put up with my frequent absences and then always welcome me back to the fold - many, many thanks guys.

Other Scripts Used
OFPEC Free camera script ( by Hoz and Mandoble. Some of the voice array stuff stolen with the permission of SNKMAN from ArmA Group Link II Plus!

- fixed a few more undefined variables
- made sure that the bandage action works

- fixed all the undefined variable errors
- fixed a few other bits and pieces to boot so the revive should be compatible with the ArmA3 release

- Drag and carry functions should now work and animate correctly on a dedicated server (Tested with one player on a dedicated server with team mates not local to player)
- Fixed the call out function
- Simplified the unconcious animation
- Rationalised public variable eventhandlers

- Definitely fixed the pvEH.sqf error on a dedicated server
- Error in revive_player.sqf fixed - this was causing a multitude of error reports in the dedicated server log

- Hopefully fixed the server bug related to JIP and respawn following death identified by [KH]Jman.
- Fix for group members rejoining leader's group following revive identified by Southpaw51.

- Multiple errors in the vcl_respawn.sqf
- The carrying action should now work as it did in ArmA2

- removed the remaining setVehicleInit and other obsolete commands
- added a check to determine whether the player is onboard a vehicle at mission start as per Scorpiomidget's post.

- Backpacks should now be repacked correctly following revive or respawn.

v0.2 Beta
- Using code provided by [KH]Jman I've fixed the issue with the equipment following respawn or revive.
- Fixed leader code - if you were the group leader at the start of the mission you will still be the leader following respawn or revive.

v0.1 Beta
- First Arma 3 release

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- BI forums

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