Jump MF by Das Attorney - A basic mod to unlock vaulting animation.
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Das Attorney informed us he released an updated version of his Jump MF mod on the BI forums.

    Quote Das Attorney :
    Jump MF is a basic clientside mod to unlock the currently superflous vaulting animation in Arma 3 Alpha.
    Clientside only - does not need to be installed on the server, just the keys.

    When you walk and press the stepover key (default is V) you will play the step over animation as usual. If you jog or sprint, you will vault instead.

    • Changed: You can only activate the jumping anim if you are equipped with a rifle
    • New: Custom fatigue system
    • New: Custom momentum system when jumping
    • Changed: You can no longer jump when in tactical pace

Written on 2013-04-05 20:47 by Das Attorney  

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