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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 0.7.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This adds the Swedish Forces Pack to your game.

Date: 2018-03-04 18:53

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Swedish Forces Pack

Swedish Forces Mod Team

The Swedish Forces Pack is an addon/modification for the Bohemia Interactive series of ArmA. Established in 2002 and still active today.

Swedish infantry, 2035 style, our future style.
Swedish infantry, 2000-2015 style with UN, Woodland and special forces.
Swedish infantry, 1990-2000 style. Also includes "local defence" which got a plain green uniform could be used as "generic opfor".

Wamako factions:
Army, the government supported by Sweden.
PNW, Nationalistic party that thinks the current government is too weak.
Milita, former communist and today leaning towards more "al queda", just hate everything from "the west."
Police and civillians.
This means more headgear and stuff that is worth mentioning.

Hms Norrköping, patrol boat with "radar" that enables you to fire missiles on naval targets up to 5 km away.
Tgb 16, known as BAE RG 32M.
Tgb 11 ("Jeep") and Tgb 20 (Truck transport)
Bv 206, a tracked all terrain soft vehicle.
TGB 1111 (open "jeep" with machinegun, AT missile)
TGB 20, Troop carrier
TGB 1314, Ambulance
Strv 122, Leopad 2 tank
Patgb 203, Wheeled apc, better known as Patria Xa 203.
G-class landing craft, small boat for squad level transport
HMS Gotland Submarine (no weapons, functions, for cutscenes only will hopefully be updated in the beta)
Ikv 91, light tank
Strf 90, Infantry fighting vehicle
Strv 122, leopard2 tank.
Retextures of a few vehicles. (Offroad, helicopter, APC)
Import of some ArmA2 vehicles ( T72, Btr 60, UAZ Mi24, Su25, UH 60 Blackhawk)

H&K MP 5,
Kpist m45, Swedish K
Pistol 88, glock 17
Remington 870 shotgun.
AK 4, H&K G3
AK5 C med m203,
AK 47,
PSG 90, Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

RPG 7,
RPG 18
GRG m86, Carl Gustaf/M3 MAAWS
Pskott 68, the miniman
Ksp 58, FN MAG

To install the Swedish Forces Pack you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage and information instructionss of how to use Swedish Forces Pack please refer to the included documentation.

ACE3, we do our best to be 100% compatible, let us know if we dont.
MRT Accessory Functions, for the Aimpoint 3X scope
TFAR, if using TFAR the Swedish soldiers will use a Ericsson Radio 180.

SFP requires CBA to get all functions and while it will start without, we don't recommend playing SFP without CBA.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will try to cover the Community made releases. Make sure to visit our channel and subscribe! on Youtube

Please be aware!
There are some limitations we can't fix due to not having the proper tools for ArmA3 yet, however we do as much as we can and we can fix those things later.
This is for the stable version, again BIS is changing classnames and stuff in dev branch and we can't keep up with all changes. We will patch it later.

Credits & Thanks:
Would also like to say big thank you to the SFP team, without them this there would be nothing and its so cool with are getting help not only from Swedes but also from other countries all over the world. Thanks for giving your free time to help our project forward.

Quick fix on Tgb 16 dependency and weight issues.
Hkp 16, corrected language, coding for FFV support

New model for Tgb 16
Added support for flags on several models
Support for callsigns on vehicles in editor
Added Skyddsvakt (military security guard) insignia on soldiers (Recommended to use the SFP module for applying)
Fixed that it was hard to enter Hkp 9 SOG version on the benches
Hkp 4 had no visible wreakage
Aimpoint alpha bug corrected
Some sniper weapons was in the wrong category in Eden ammo boxes
Tp 84 (c130) several fixes related visibility of things
P 226: Silencer wasn't aligned with gun
Improved the texture on the Strf90C
Improved physx on Strv 103

New models for Ikv 91, PSG 90 (Artic Warfare), Kpist m45.
New vest (Kroppskydd 94)
Improved textures for the Strv 103.
Fixed glitches in the Strb 90
Fixed bugs due to BIS patches (planes exploding on take-off, the Patgb 360 flying)
Fixes with TFAR, hopefully should work with the current stable and the dev versions.
More TFAR support will come after the dev becomes stable.
Improvments on the RBS 55 (TOW-2) and RBS 56 (BILL) ATGM systems for better playablity and enjoyment.
Combat Vehicle 90 series improved physx.
Insignia module now shows the names correclty.
Improved sensors and radar on the S102B.
7.5 cm m/57 Coastal Artillery geolod fixed.
More vehicles visible in Zeus.

Fixed error on Hkp4

Another quick fix, this for the UI picture on the Strv 103

Reverted to working Tgb 16.
Fixed error caused by UI files connected to unreleased vehicles (strv 103)
Added the Mercedes back again due to "popular" demand.

Added: Patgb 360 (XA-360) with UN and woodland textures.
Added: Custom pilot (Flight uniform Model 87)
Added: RBS 69 (AA missile) now have a custom hands animation.
Added: Simple OPFOR units. (Return of Wamako soldiers, but with Swedish/BIS guns)
Fixed: AG 90 sniper rifle now available in virtual arsenal.
Fixed: Added support for Task force radio on several vehicles.
Fixed: Added a basic HUD for the Gripen airplane.
Fixed: New shadow lod on the Patgb 203.
Fixed: Renabled fire from vehicle in strf90 camo which was disabled due to a BIS related bug.
Fixed: Strv 122 driver with IR camo netting had obscured vision.
Fixed: Desert cap
Fixed: Grey part on bodyarmor (Krsk 12)
Fixed: Soldier suffering from a "attached vest".
Fixed: Ikv 91, driver optics was misplaced on the wrong side of the vehicle.
Fixed: Grkpbv 120, hatches and turret.
Fixed: Mirrors on Patgb203 and Tgb 16 was mirroed incorrectly.
Tweaks: Improved VRAM usage after changing 300 rvmat files, after suggestion from TjockeJocke.
Tweaks: Increased damage from the 40 mm cannon on Strf 90 (IFV 90)
Tweaks: Weight on machine gunner mags (Ksp 58).

Fixed issue with Norrköping patrol boat blowing up when firing missiles.
Mission: Air station Mike updated and fixed.
Mission: Green hill, replaced helicopter.
Added meta file for better steam integration.
Fixes to the Strv 122 turn out

* Santa's hat (temporary, enjoy it while it last!)
* New marksman rifle (AK 4D)
* New Ksp 58 Model (M240)
* New uniform (Modern crew uniform)
* Prision hood, now we want to see hostage missions!
* Swedish Ice cream truck!
* Extended support for Alive
* Strv 122 with IR Camo netting (Leopard 2A6)
* GBU-39, small diameter bomb, JAS 39 with MS 20 upgrade

sfp_ui.units caused error on dedicated servers, refusing to load missions
Two minor tweaks to arsenal (lvkv 90 is now showing, and no more duplicate G36)

Strb 90, a fast going combat boat. With manual turret and a version with a remote weapon station.
Strv 102, the Centurion tank, also added a version on the opfor side.
Svävare 2000, a hover craft that can transport other vehicles over the waters of Tanoa.
New uniform, a version with folded arms since Tanoa seems rather warm.
PSG 90 (Camo), the sniper rifle "artic warfare" with some camo netting.
Two new submarines, with partial functionality (one sinks, one you can drive around) but replaces the HMS Gotland submarine. Use as static object, but we are getting closer.
This means SFP now has a total of 17 uniforms, 30 weapons and 40 vehicles!

Here are the fixes:
Added vehicle in vehicle transport support for the Tp 84 (c130)
Tgb 1111 (Driver and gunner was misplaced in the distance, meaning lower detailed lods)
Gruppbåt, small boat was not having a correct physx. It now behaves more life like.
Strv 122 winter version had wrong effect when blown up.
Major fixes regarding "items" that gave pop up errors.
RBS 17 container didn't have any weight.

Added the Swedish national anthem to the SFP Soundtrack
Added the J29
Added the Grkpbv 120 (Advance MOrtar System)
Added 82 mm mortar.
Added marksman version of AK 5 (FN FNC).
Added modern version of AK 4 (G3)
Added RBS 56 Bill (Static ATGM)
Added functionality to Tent 12 (soldiers can now sleep inside the tent and will disembark if fired on)
Added support for ALIVE
Added support for CBA ASDG JR.
Added: Asset preview for Eden Editor for all soldiers and vehicles.
Added: New model for the LK 35 backpack.
Added: Winter versions of Strv 122 & Strf 90.
Added: Target pod for JAS 39 Fighter.
Improvements: New soldier lods, will maybe increase performance slightly slightly.
Fixed: All SFP music can now be played with Zeus.
Fixed: Some soldiers were suffering from "hard to find the legs" as medic in ACE. This have been fixed.
Fixed: Army beret was missing.
Fixed: UN and Police offroad car got random textures instead of the correct ones.
Fixed: Downwash over water didn't work on Hkp 4.
Fixed: Mission generalismo didn't work, its been fixed.
Fixed: Capture the flag mission on Stratis.
Fixed: Several warnings in logs for the Tgb 16.
Fixed: Our buddy reload is working again but will disable itself if ACE is running.
Fixed: Lod error with SK 60.

Helmets and vests now have armor values. Update in ArmA3 fix.
Added the Saab 340 Airplane (Civ transport and military Airborne Early Warning, several skins including Hellenic and Thai Air force)
Several new helmets, including US M1 helmet for UN forces.
Added Winter soldiers, two uniform, (winter vehicles and island is in work)
Added 1960's UN faction. (vehicles coming in later patch).
A naval officer added for our ships.
PSG 90 sniper rifle has adjusted weight.
Norrköping ship now got working missiles and torpedos again.
Fighter pilot kept taking a radio instead of parachute but now has been convinced to keep his gear.
Minor model fixes to Tgb 16 Galten and Tgb 13.
Hkp 6 (Police helicopter) lights updated.

Added Aimpoint T1.
Added many variants of helmets, with earing protection.
Added a new holster for the pistol.
Added older type of body armour (from 1994)
Added SFP logo in arsenal for our stuff and enabled the PSG 90 (artic warfare)
Added a naval texture for the Jet Ranger.
Strf 90 now have option for commander to peak or stand up during turn out.
Strf 90, four people in cargo can now fire out.
Strf 90, driver have a changed view instead of BIS default texture.
Strf 90, script for the ejected shells, using bis particle script was unreliable and now shells remain on groud for a while.
Strf 90, shadow fix with cannon.
Tp 84 (C130), lights were bugged in lower derailed lods.
Pistol 88, small fix to sight that wasn't animated with rest of the weapon.
One Ak5 had wrong inventory picture.
SOG machine Gunner was In wrong category in editor.
Hkp 16 now have a copilot.

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