Swedish Forces Pack for Arma 3 updated
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GranQ released an updated version of the Swedish Forces Pack for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote GranQ :
    The Swedish Forces Pack is more than just new soldiers and weapons.
    Includes features such as buddy reload, backblast and advance missiles.

    • Fixed: Support for boot camp.
    • New: Ikv91 light tank.
    • New: Added correct sight for the Carl Gustav.
    • Fixed: SFP backblast scripts gets automatically disabled if running AGM.
    • Fixed: Strf90 may now lower the cannon 10 degrees (5 previously)
    • Fixed: The backblast is no longer a instant killer if standing on top of a building.
    • Fixed: Weapons damage and ballistic for all AT launchers.
    • Fixed: More support for JSRS.
    • Fixed: Most ballistic on infantry weapons now features realistic trajectory.
    • Fixed: SVD have new recoil, soundeffect and adjusted dispersion.
    • Fixed: Kobra sight calibrated, zeroed for 100m on the above and 400m on the below line.
    • Fixed: Several minor issues with display texts/pictures on weapons and mags.
    • Fixed: Adjusted weight and protection level of all different headgears/vests.
    • Fixed: Weapons are no longer "bullet proof shields".
    • Fixed: 90's Loader was missing the correct backpack.
    • Fixed: Some instruments was rotating around the wrong axis in the Mi24.

Written on 2014-07-15 08:56 by granQ  

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