Swedish Forces Pack for Arma 3 updated
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granQ released an updated version of the Swedish Forces Pack for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote GranQ :
    The Swedish Forces Pack is more than just new soldiers and weapons. It includes features such as buddy reload, backblast and advance missiles.

    This is a minor update, there was a error that caused the machinegun on the Ikv 91 "light tank" not to function but also to generate an annoying popup error.
    But since we updated we fixed a few other things!

    • Added: Bipod functionality for weapons (marksman support)
    • Added: Ejection of empty belt links KSP90
    • Fixed: The IFV (strf 90C) didn't leave any tracks when driving.
    • Fixed: Aim was too low on the same IFV.
    • Fixed: Several fixes for weapon sounds.
    • Fixed: Error on patch for the right arm of the soldiers

Written on 2015-04-10 06:58 by granQ  

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