Coop mission : Operation Clean Sweep by KanadeTachibana updated

KanadeTachibana released an updated version of his Operation Clean Sweep coop mission on the Armaholic forums.

  • Added 6x Transport Trucks/16x APC inside the hangers
  • Added SDV(submarine)
  • Added ammo drop for heavy lifting and paradrop from helicopter at Ammo drop marker
  • Added new two roles*Sniper / Recon*
  • Added Base APC Patrol on sight for enemy incoming to base.
  • Added new two roles*Sniper / Recon* (Named after Medal of Honor 2010 characters)
  • Scrap Restriction of PIlot only allow to fly helicopter. Now all Roles can able to fly
  • Uh-80 Ghosthawk is now able heavy lift anything and load ammo supplybox
  • New Base layout
  • Port over from Alpha to Beta
  • Beta Compatibility
  • Now Players can fast rope into the LZ* PIlot/Co-Piilot have to deploy the ropes* at least at 7 height from the ground about 7 alt
  • All ground vehicle are able to load a ammobox or ATV
  • reduce the slot 54 to somewhere lower about 40 ish (Server stabilize)
  • Fixed Revive script causing no one cannt revive with or without FAKS and may fix the shaking
  • Fixed View Distance Menu which causing it wont pop out
  • Fixed Agia's Ammo Cache Fixed, trigger wasn't sync with the ammobox and didn't occur or active the end trigger when all 6 ammo cache blow up by sat charges.

Written on 2013-07-13 07:37 by kanadetachibana  

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