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Version: 2.0

Date: 2007-09-06 20:05

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Orientation Race

6 missions for 1 up to 13 players (four teams and one observer), four orientation races each. Every mission can be ramdomly activated (by radio, at the beginning, before any beacon is activated).

Briefing and in-game messages have been translated from french to english by [CTR]Gladius. Huge work... Nevertheless, some mistakes may be found. Please accept our apologies.

    Basic Orientation Race Get as close as 3 m from a beacon to activate the next one. Every circuit contains 10 beacons. Each team's timer is turned on when the first beacon is reached, and can be consulted at the end of the race.

    Optional Features (radio activated)
    - Random OR : must be chosen before a beacon is activated. Creates a random circuit on the map. Players are teleported at the start.
    - One Run : must be chosen before a beacon is activated. All the circuits are copied from blue's one, allowing a comparison of all the teams times. In this case we recommend to have an interval between each team's time of departure.
    - Invisible beacons : you cannot see the plots on the ground, forcing the players to a topographic localization. The beacon's activation diameter is extended to 15 meters.
    - Armed OR : 3 chances out of 4 that a beacon is guarded by the OPFOR. The players get weapons. If you're killed, you'll respawn at the last validated beacon.

    Special abilities
    - Team leaders can bring their teammates back at the last validated beacon.
    - The OR observer can teleport himself on the map, shoot a smoke grenade or a flare anywhere on the map, activate the team leaders'GPS, and teleport himself to any team leader. In an armed OR, he won't be attacked by the OPFOR. However he doesn't race and cannot activate the beacons.

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