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Kju informed us he released an updated version of the All in Arma Standalone (AiA SA) project on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    All in Arma Standalone (AiA SA) allows you to use all the content of the other Arma games in Arma 3 - namely Arma 1, Arma 2, Operation Arrowhead and DLCs.
    • From terrains to weapons, vehicles, missions and eventually infantry - all your beloved Arma content available inside Arma 3.
    • AiA SA serves as an unified base for mission designers as well as for multiplayer to allow everyone to easily join servers.
    • It also makes it possible to use community made content from previous Arma products in Arma 3 (except infantry).

    • Added: Replace A1 buildings with improved SMD variants.
    • Added: A3 style grass to Chernarus.
    • Added: Chernarus summer version (WIP).
    • Added: Customized terrain lighting for desert type terrains.
    • Added: Make more community made terrains support custom lighting.
    • Added: Improved A2 Revised Lamps:
        - Added: Glow Materials to lamps and hide animation upon destruction of bulb.
        - Added: Hitpoints and Direction vertices to lamps.
        - Updated: Sidl type lamps and concrete power line lamp are now based on A3 lamps.
    • Added: Improved NAV Lighthouses:
        - Added: Lighthouse now emits light.
        - Added: Lighthouse has a visible flare.
        - Changed: Decreased rotation speed of lighthouse (was: 51deg/s~ | now: 18deg/s).
        - Changed: Lighthouse light would only work at certain periods, is now on for the entire duration of the spin.
        - Updated: Fire geometry was adjusted (materials and LOD).
        - Fixed: Red strobe light on top of lighthouse now emits light properly.
    • Added: Improved Stoplights:
        - Added: Animation and glow material for the blinking yellow light.
        - Fixed: Blinking yellow light is now visible again (increased intensity).
    • Added: A3 lighting to LHD.
    • Added: Set MapSize value for BI and community made terrains.
    • Changed: Improved AiA TP compatibility with IFA3SA (make sure to load AiA TP first!).
    • Changed: Revert Chernarus midDetailTexture back to the default A2 one.
    • Changed: Change surface water color back to default again and leave custom only for Chernarus.
    • Changed: Update Signs.pbo to use Signs2.pbo models whenever possible:
        - Updated: Replaced similar models with models from the updated Signs2.pbo.
        - Updated: New textures for Sign_Downhill, Sign_Uphill and Sign_Main_End.
    • Changed: Disable main menu intros for custom terrains.
    • Changed: Disable infinite terrain in Aliabad, Esbekistan, Hazar Kot, Tarin Kot for the time being to stop crashes.
    • Changed: Replace door icon with the A3 one.
    • Changed: Remove terrain listed in an alphabetic order as it causes issues when terrains are not present.
    • Fixed: AiA crashes when loading another terrain.
    • Fixed: A1 appartment building is flying.
    • Fixed: A1 red and white bar gate is rotated 90°.

Written on 2014-10-22 13:34 by kju  

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