R3F French Weapons Pack for Arma 3 updated
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The Team R3F released an updated version of the R3F French Weapons Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    R3F French Weapons Pack is a french's army weapons and accessories addon. This pack contains high definition models without any game performance decrease. It's a ported version of our Arma 2 R3F Armes addon, using Arma 3 new possibilities.

    • Mc Millan TAC50 added
    • HK MP5A5 added
    • HK 416 M203 added
    • FUM40 & ECL40 Grenade Fusil added
    • All bipods working (except Famas C)
    • HK 417 bipod is now an accessory an can be mounted on HK 416
    • BIS bipods can be mounted
    • Launchers (AT4CS
    • ERYX, Stinger) are animated and a better position (Eryx)
    • AMS and Kahlia can be mounted
    • Pamas recoil corrected
    • Minimi 5.56 silencer added
    • silencers ballistic corrected
    • MP5 size corrected
    • M4 S90 shotgun shells corrected (no more error message)
    • dispersions and zeroing tweaked
    • J8 and J10 scopes adjusted for the new ballistic
    • JimLR zoom increased
    • inventory icons all rebuilt
    • SITcomDE position and size adjusted

Written on 2015-06-06 21:22 by Nanucq  

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