PvP gamemode : Like mice by SneakyDuck

SneakyDuck released this new death match style mission where you must be the first in escaping the maze in our forums.

    Quote SneakyDuck :
    You and 9 other test subjects are dropped in the middle of a maze, your objective is to escape as fast as possible. After a certain amount of time a weapons crate will appear somewhere in the maze, this crate will contain a random selection of items. You will hear a short "beep" sound when you are near it or see some red smoke, pay attention and you might just find the crate before one of the other test subjects does. Oh, didn't I tell you? You are competing to be the first to escape, do whatever is necessary. Do not fear though, in the case of death you will simply respawn in a random location within the maze. Can you handle this?

Written on 2013-04-11 07:45 by SneakyDuck  

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