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Kiory released a new version of his random hat madness addon on the BI forums.
In this version he added a spinning hat and an afro hat.

    Quote Kiory :
    Saw an very interesting conversation over at this thread about a particular hat.
    I thought to myself that this would of been a total wasted opportunity if I didn't make it, so 2 hours later I am releasing this hat, it's a total joke and was done in the swiftest time possible, but none the less, hope you all have fun with it all!

    Contains the psd files as well, just in case the colour wasn't to your liking.

    • Warm Hat
    • Capital Hat
    • Pirate Hat
    • Spongebob's Number 1 hat
    • Santa Hat

Written on 2013-04-19 08:13 by Kiory  

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