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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 47

Date: 2013-04-18 08:12

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Combat Patrol Generator


This multiplayer COOP mission will spawn enemies randomly around the map. It does so by choosing a random position on the map, called the patrol area. Then the mission will randomly spawn different type of enemies around the patrol area. The goal of this mission is to simulate a combat patrol in which you do not know the enemy force composition or where exactly they are located, you only have a rough idea of where they are. So in other words, the goal is to bring you a completely random mission each time you play.

Generally, the way you play this mission is that shortly after start, the patrol area marker is placed on the map, and you then know where to go. Additional red markers may pop-up that give you a rough estimation where enemy positions could be. You can spawn either air or ground vehicles for transport, and you then move out to the mission area to hunt down the enemies. Once you think the area is clear, an admin can end the mission.

This mission version is what Tier 1 Operations uses on their server. This mission has proven to be a lot of fun. With a little bit of teamwork, it's even possible to do organized large scale engagements on a public server. Or you can reduce the amount of enemies for smaller scale fighting. I figured that there might be more people out there who might enjoy this mission, so here you go, have fun with it!

- Randomly generated COOP mission.
- Respawn enabled.
- Realistic slot layout: The Tier 1 Operations slot layout is based on real life military structures and enables commanders to control a large amount of players with great ease.
- Additional parameters: You can set the amount of patrol areas and enemies, set the time of day and enable/disable certain features.
- Vehicle spawning facilities: Players can spawn vehicles every X minutes.
- Pilot protection: Only pilots can spawn and fly aircraft.
- Automatic wreck removal: Wrecked or unusable vehicles will be automatically deleted inside the base.
- Anti-shoot script: Players are not allowed to shoot at the base and if they do so multiple times, their weapons are removed.
- BTC Revive: Medics can revive fallen comrades.
- AI skill adjustment: The enemy terminator soldiers shoot more like humans.
- UPSMON: The relatively dumb enemy soldiers behave more intelligently on the strategic level.
- TPWCAS: You can properly suppress the enemy soldiers.
- Vehicle Service: Players can repair/rearm/refuel vehicles at the service helipads inside the base.
- Group Markers: You can see the position of all group leaders on the map.
- Admin Actions: Logged in admins can teleport or make themselves invisible to the AI.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

- Vehicles can be spawned at the red/white poles located at the barrier and 2 hangars close to where you spawn.
- The mission does not end automatically. An admin is required to decide when it's time to stop the mission.
- With 40 players, it's recommended to set the enemy amount to 200. With 20 players, to 100 enemies. This is assuming your server can handle such numbers.
- With less than 100 enemies, it's recommended to set inside the parameters that all enemy positions should be marked on the map (you'll only get a rough indication of where they are).

Legal disclaimer:
You may edit/distribute this mission under the condition that you give me (BlackAlpha) credit for the original mission.

  • Platoon leader and 1st platoon map markers were not working properly
  • Mission now shows the correct version ingame

  • v45
  • New military structure we are experimenting with.
  • When you go down, you can't see the nearest medic or how much time you've got left before you bleed out.
  • Anyone with a first aid kit can stabilize a downed player to make him less likely to bleed out quickly.
  • Medics now take longer to revive someone (and have a new animation!). Revive time is a bit randomized, taking in account how many times someone has already been revived in his current life (more revives = easier death). When you cancel a revive, the progress is not lost entirely and you or another medic can finish the job later.
  • There's a small chance you will simply die straight away. Like above, more revives equals higher chance to die straight away.
  • ACRE version

  • v41
  • Critical bug fixed

  • Credits & thanks:
    Mission created by BlackAlpha @ Tier 1 Operations.

    This mission utilizes UPSMON created by various different people. You may find more info on UPSMON at the official Arma 3 Scripting forum.
    This mission utilizes BTC Revive created by the Black Templars Clan.
    This mission utilizes TPWCAS AI suppression script created by TPW, Coulum, fabrizio_T and Ollem (Tier1ops).
    This mission utilizes Admin Actions created by [KH]Jman, modified by BlackAlpha.
    This mission utilizes Vehice Service script, created by (unknown), modified by BlackAlpha.
    This mission utilizes Folk Group Marker script from the F2 Framework, created by Folk.
    This mission utilizes Setskill Script, created by Ollem (Tier1ops) and Sonsalt (Tier1ops).
    Special thanks to Tweet (Tier1ops) and FreeFire (Tier1ops) for helping create the concept of the vehicle spawning facilities.

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