Author: Kebab
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.0

Date: 2013-04-13 03:44

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Super Fun Happy Pack


With tons of multiplayer missions being released every day I figured that throwing some explosive singleplayer missions into the mix would not hurt. With less emphasis on realism and focus on short explosive singleplayer missions, these could hopefully keep you occupied during the time you wait for your friends to come online. I will make sure to release some “Super Fun Happy Packs” on a monthly/bimonthly basis, with an increasing amount of absurdity the more scripting I learn and with an increasing amount of explosion the more content the game gets. All missions are around the 10-20 minutes of gameplay, so you can fit them neatly in between the multiplayer matches and mayhem - where you aint looking for something serious!

  • Cruel voice acting (currently done by me, but when game hits and possibilities expand, I’ll scrunch up a few decent voice actors)
  • Custom music tracks, so it isn’t only the eyes being pleased.
  • Dynamic (To such a degree that it can be kept under the 15 minutes gameplay).
  • One cutscene, lol, will be some emphasis on some action cutscenes in the next packs!
  • Actions, lots of action.

  • Mission content:
  • The Chase: Take the role of a chopper pilot trying to pass the test. The instructor is strict and the requirements out of this world. Are you ready for some of the toughest chopper training yet? Prepare for Lift-off!
    Note: Experienced chopper pilots recommended! I made the map and I only get through it 70% of the time!

  • Spotter: An upcoming attack is encroaching upon Kamino Firing Range. Luckily, and ironically, they are lining up perfectly for you, the best spotter on Stratis. Relay the enemy position to your mortar team and stop the enemy attack in its tracks.
    Note: Easymode, time to see things blow up!

  • Transporter: Do you like helicopters? Who does not? In this mission you will delve into the tedious everyday workings of an experienced littlebird pilot. Tons of transport assignments have been planned, but with a little luck, our pilot will pull his littlebird through a bit more than just plain transport.
    Note: Pretty easy, unless you expected life span hovers around the 10 seconds in a chopper.

  • Assassination: You have been selected to eliminate an Iranian officer inside the enemy stronghold of Girna. The only advantage you have... Nightvision. Eliminate the officer quietly and make your way out, failure in doing so, and it will be you against the entire village.
    Note: Don't trust that default AI!

  • So It Begins: It is time to reclaim Stratis and push out the NATO forces, you are in the front row. Fly in with a chopper team and capture a strong point so the Iranian army can start their campaign on the island. (Uploaded before, but should now be 100% operational)
    Note: Easy-Medium difficulty, but impossible to count the amount of bullets.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.

    Known issues:
    - Lighthouse door in “Spotter” can be terrible hard to open - either restart mission or go back a 20 meters and fire a grenade at it, seems to work for some reason.
    - Also in "Spotter", AI have a 1/10 tendency to flank in a bit too wide circle - So you might have to go hand in hand!

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    - BI forums

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