Invasion 1944 Patch version 2.66 released - Updated!
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Pac sent us a small version 2.666 hotfix with the following fix:
  • Fixed: Armor module debugging visible
We have merged both the hotfix v2.666 and the patch v2.66.
If you already downloaded the version 2.66 patch you can just download the small hotfix and follow the installation instructions.


Pac from the Invasion 1944 project sent us patch version 2.66 for Invasion 1944 - D-Day.

    Quote Pac :
    Version 2.66 has been released and is now available for download through Armaholic, ModDB, Play withSix, and Six-Updater.

    • New: Parachute module for automated removal
    • New: 2D/3D scope switching for all 3D scope enabled rifles
    • New: SdKfz 124 Wespe added to GE Heer - Armor
    • New: Tiger textures
    • New: Bunker + Trench objects on Omaha_v2
    • New: Omaha_v2 Updated with WN stations and more roads
    • New: Construction system overhauled
    • New: Construction engineer value added
    • New: MG42 Bipod for tobruk bunkers added
    • New: German General added to GE Heer faction
    • New: Pak40 Pintle Casemate static added
    • New: New rounds for Sherman and M1 AT guns
    • New: ANTI-TURNOVER TANK v1.0, By Miguel Rodriguez added to Armor Module
    • New: Hull turn towards enemy script for Arma 2 by schaefsky added to Armor Module
    • Fixed: Various animation source missing errors
    • Fixed: Transparent helmets + gear
    • Fixed: Panther hull turning transparent in smoke
    • Fixed: Sherman Firefly turned out rotation
    • Fixed: Churchill fire geometry
    • Fixed: Mines not damaging armored vehicles
    • Fixed: Tank max speeds
    • Fixed: Tanks damage reverting to full when hit
    • Fixed: Mortar roadway area reduced
    • Fixed: Parachute far LOD color
    • Fixed: Static objects (bunkers, foxholes, trenches) improved geometry + pathways
    • Fixed: AI base skill levels improved
    • Fixed: Many classnames corrected/added for map objects
    • Fixed: Many tank geometry's fixed
    • Fixed: Belgian Gates no longer produce house rubble when destroyed
    • MP Missions:
        - New:I44_COOP_Easy_Red_1-64_v2-66.I44_Omaha_v2 - Brand new 64 player Co-op, players are tasked with capturing and clearing the WN stations along Easy Red Beach on D-Day. Should see much better performance than previous D-Day missions!
    • All Battlegrounds C&H updated to v2.66 with the following changes:
        - TPW Suppression updated to latest release
        - Teleport to squad leader available from ALL flags
        - Construction added, assault and engineer classes have shovels which can be used for building defensive objects, only engineers can build sandbags and hedgehogs
        - Rebalanced vehicle selection on all maps
        - Removed crew check due to performance issues, vehicle spawn locations adjusted
        - Markers should now only appear on Recruit/Regular difficulty modes
        - Diary updated with accurate information and tips on gameplay
        - Weapon loadouts overhauled for better balance and mix of equipment
        - Lots of performance improvements for scripts should see much better server FPS

    Two versions of the 100 player C&H Omaha Invasion mission included, v2.66a with landing sequence, and v2.66b with Rangers starting on the beach. Version 2.66a is the intended version, but in case landing sequence degrades performance v2.66b has been included.

    Older missions set on Omaha beach may not function correctly/at all with the updated map, use old missions at your own risk!

Written on 2013-04-14 07:56 by Pac  

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