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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The mod consists by Aircrafts, Helicopters, Ground Vehicles (Wheeled & Armored), Units & Weapons, trying to reflect parts of real Greek Armed Forces.

Date: 2019-06-21 20:47

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Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (HAFM)


Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (Greek Mod) is my work which started during ArmA 1 era and is continuous till now for ArmA 3 Stable Branch only.

The mod consists of Aircrafts, Helicopters, Ground Vehicles (Wheeled & Armored), Units & Weapons, trying to reflect parts of real Greek Armed Forces.

Current version of the mod is version 5.1 and the only requirement/dependance is the use of CBA_A3 addon (Community Base addon).

The mod has been tested only in vanilla game, using CBA_A3, so I'm not responsible for any conflicts that might occur using other mods.

A Classnames.txt file is also provided for mission makers use.

Special Thanks to Bohemia Interactive for the ArmA 3 game as also to the HSO team and my friends, Nikiforos, Antonis Hellas and John_HELLAS for beta testing and presentation screenshots.

To install Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (HAFM) you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

- Greek ISAF units and perspective gear added.
- Uniforms camo reworked.
- Underwater demolitions units has a special uniform for their role, plus some additions.

version 5.2.4
- Uniforms camo reworked.
- On Unimog trucks some parts added or tweaked.
- Greek flag on a pole is added (under Empty - Signs - Flags).
- Some general tweaking on configs - values.
ClassNames TXT file Update - fix

- Wheels physX applied, as on Jets DLC (no more exploding during take off procedure).
- Mercedes Benz Unimog 1550L truck has been added (new model - two personel transport versions, one fuel truck and one ammo truck)
Personel transport version vehicles are supporting FFV (2 seats) and are capable to carry 10 soldiers including driver.
- Some general tweaking on configs - values.


- Dynamic loadouts - all aircrafts has now dynamic loadout capability through editor, as on Jets DLC.
- An extra MFD added for F-16 (accessible via action menu) as helper for users they want to have a better picture of aircraft parameters during flight (Throttle percentage, ASL, ATL, Speed, Heading, Weapon selected).
- Fuel tanks Jettison is now scripted via action menu and is affecting the overhaul aircraft fuel quantity.
- A7 Corsair with Tiger paint scheme has been added.
- Afterburner tweaked.


- MLRS (Retexture) has been added.
- Leopard 1A4 (new model - added).
- Leopard 2A4 (new model - added).
- M113 APC (new model - added).


- All vehicles have now editor preview pictures (pending for units).
- Classnames.txt updated and included.
- Units accessories (Uniforms - Backpacks - Vests - Headgear) text file added.

NOTE: Aircraft affecting scripts for "Afterburner" - "helper MFD" and "Fuel Tanks Jettison" author is "Devastator_cm" and all credits goes to him.

- Uniforms textures tweaking (Insignia option used), predefined badges added (also visible/selectable in Arsenal - Insignia).
- Inverted Greek flag arm patch corrected (thanks to ICE MAN for point me on that).
- New Officer unit with formal uniform and hat added.
- Some configs tweaking.
- Laser designation ability added (as on JETS DLC).
- Configs are now on a different PBO for making easiest any future update process.
- Aircrafts speed raised a little bit in order to be closer to game standards.
- A targeting pod (3D object) added to F-16D.
- Some configs tweaking.

A small fix for hidden selection (texture) of F-16C. Now anyone can aplly his own texture if want to.

F-16D Block 52+ added (new model - two seats)

A small fix as reported that using this mod the AAF units on editor spawned with their helmet into their backpack.

Version 5.1
- PhysX compatibility added
- New F-16 cockpit (new model)
- F-35B aircraft import (from A2) with new cockpit and underwing carriages (new models)
- Flight dynamics tweaked as possible
- Weapons and sounds issues fixed
- Sensors system added
- Hidden selections for all aircrafts added (camo)
- Afterburner exhaust effect added
- Headgear and Vests armor corrected (visible in Arsenal)
- Flipped iron sights (new models) added to M110 and MK12 rifles
- Some animations changed or corrected
- Improvements on ammo and sounds
- General improvements to many parts of the MOD


- Community Base addons A3

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