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Version: 4/27/2013

Short description: Makes wind affect bullet path.

Date: 2013-04-27 21:21

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Bullet-Wind Interaction System [ALPHA]


This package will allow you to add wind simulation to bullets, causing the bullet to go off course.
The script uses the wind variable ingame so it is dynamic according to the mission.
You can see the effect either with a bulletcam or with tracer rounds.

The server will automatically add the simulation to any newly spawned units too (scans for AI continuously), ensuring full compatibility with any mission.
This will work for both SP and MP missions.

Installation / Usage:
Add this to your init.sqf:
if (isServer) then {execVM "bulletWindServer.sqf";};
execVM "bulletWindClient.sqf";

You can see the effect either with a bulletcam or with tracer rounds.
To check wind direction I've made a useful piece of code:
private ["_windDir"];
while {true} do
	if(windDir >= 340 && windDir <= 360 || windDir >= 0 && windDir <= 20) then {_windDir = "North";};
	if(windDir >= 20 && windDir <= 60) then {_windDir = "North East";};
	if(windDir >= 60 && windDir <= 110) then {_windDir = "East";};
	if(windDir >= 110 && windDir <= 160) then {_windDir = "South East";};
	if(windDir >= 160 && windDir <= 200) then {_windDir = "South";};
	if(windDir >= 200 && windDir <= 250) then {_windDir = "South West";};
	if(windDir >= 250 && windDir <= 290) then {_windDir = "West";};
	if(windDir >= 290 && windDir <= 340) then {_windDir = "North West";};
	hint format ["Wind Direction: %1",_windDir];
	sleep 2;

Users are free to:
Create derivatives/modifications of the work for personal use.
Use the work as intended by the author.

Users may not:
Redistribute the work without direct consent from the author, which includes but is not limited to uploading to the Steam Workshop.
Sell or make any form of profit from the work.

Update 4/27/2013
- Created AWIS (Aerial-Wind Interaction System)
- Adds wind simulation to aerial vehicles.
- Sharp changes in velocity will shake screen.
*Currently WiP*

Update 4/24/2013
- Fixed certain tracer rounds not being registered. Added possible solution to wind synchronization for multiplayer.

Update 4/21/2013
- Coriolis effect implemented (very simple - just shifts the bullet's velocity towards the west very slightly)
- Raised the divisor of bullets from 10 to 30 (weaker).

Update 4/20/2013
- Proper wind simulation on grenade launchers.

Update 4/19/2013
- Included a minimal demo mission to demonstrate wind direction indication and simulation system.

Update 4/18/2013
- Added in solutions for servers and clients. Fully MP and SP compatible. Just put the new SQF's in the mission folder and add these lines to you init.sqf
if (isServer) then {execVM "bulletWindServer.sqf";};
execVM "bulletWindClient.sqf";

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