Slatts M16 & M27 IAR variety pack
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Slatts released an updated version of his M16 & M27 IAR variety pack on the BI forums.

    Quote Slatts :
    Born out of a M16 and M27 mod for the 15th MEU. I decided to make a public non ACE version with a bit more variety. Such as a M16A4 with Holo and surefire lightgrip or ACOG/RDS combo, A M27 IAR with flashlight and bipod folded for CQB etc.

    Feedback is greatly welcomed.
    A more reality based ACE pack will be out shortly if you wish for ACE. But for now, have fun!

    • Modified the config for the AI while using the M27
    • Fixed sound issues
    • Added a 100 Round magazine
    • ASDG is now required
    • Addon is now signed and comes with a bikey

Written on 2013-04-23 16:59 by Slatts  

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