EM RPT Viewer - Multi-platform RPT Reader

StatusRed released his EM RPT Viewer on the BI forums.

    Quote StatusRed :
    I decided to start working on an ArmA 2 / ArmA 3 RPT reader that will work in Windows, Linux and Mac. This reader allows you view the logs of any ArmA 2 / ArmA 2 game server that allows public access to it’s log file.

    • Multi-platform; works in Windows, Linux and Mac
    • Every other line in the RPT output is coloured to make it easier to read
    • Add / remove servers on the fly
    • Choose between raw or wounds output
    • Set individual timezones for each server (format: Continent/City)

Written on 2013-04-25 09:32 by StatusRed  

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