Author: mad_cheese
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Requirements: Arma 2
Island(s): Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.3

Date: 2013-05-21 08:59

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"One day after the beginning of Operation Arrowhead, US special forces are tasked to destroy key enemy assets at the Airfield of Rasman".

A year in the making, this is my attempt to mix Arma 2 with some aspects of sneaky stealth games like Splinter Cell. I tried to create a framework that makes sneaking around a bit more immersive in Vanilla A2. You have to move slowly, avoid lightsources and hide bodies in order to avoid an alarm.

- SpecOps Stealth Mission
- Choice of 2 different Insertion Methods (Paradrop OR Infiltration)
- Coordinated Strike of player and friendly AI
-> it's possible to watch the AI's progress via their helmetcam
- Customizable Weapon (optional)
- Custom Enemy Detection System for AI
    *Features Line of Sight and Line Of Light (Searchlight/Vehicles)
    *Player units and bodies are exposed by working lightsources (Burning barrels,streetlamps,runway lights etc)
    *AI can hear footsteps, also silenced weapons (10-20m inside building, 20-25m outside)
    *AI checks suspiscious activity with searchlights
    *Patrol leaders with weapon flashlights randomly stop to scan areas
    *Units react to dead bodies (LOS,Weaponlights and Lightsources are relevant)
    *Patrol leaders are able to call in alarm and directly alert near units
    *AI who might see or hear a kill will go check out the killsite
    *AI vision increases during sunrise
    *AI hears footsteps depending on speed and distance
- Additional ROE for AI-Squadmate: Fire only on designated targets / Fire at will
-> (prevents AI from blowing your cover)
- AI shoot flares if they know about player's presence
- AI conversations (if player is close and undetected)
- Full VoiceActing + Enemy Yells
- Custom Music
- Performance friendly methods
- Cinema
- Time of day: Night/ Morning Dawn
- Weather: Slight fog/Clear

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

- move slow around enemy
- stay clear of lightsources or disable them
- hide bodies if necessary
- unlimited savegame (0-0-0)
- Bravo & Charlie position report (0-0-9)
- Medikit (0-0-2)
- Hiding Bodies takes around 10 seconds before body becomes unfindable

Demo video showing some functions

Optional mods:
- JWC_weapon_flashlights
-> will assign russian weapons instead of the M4 if detected

Known issues:
- Not tested with ASR AI mod, should be obsolete anyways
- Weaponlight Spotting does not include a vertical value
- Darkness at night is slightly random in arma. sometimes it seems rather bright, after savegame can be pitch black
- Occasionaly LOS-spotting can fail (seems to be depending on positions, rare)
- AI might not board chopper after briefing (just reload the autosave)
- Lightrays appear to shine through walls, especially in NVG (Arma Bug). However, it's safe behind walls
- some features can only be witnessed if viewdistance is high enough (Ordered Detonation;Aircraft towing)

- Sanchez joins player's group at insertion to avoid confusion at mission start
- Hitpart-EH added to Chopper, pilot reacts if chopper gets hit
- Fired-EH added to all armed vehicles to trigger alarm if shot is fired
- Towing vehicle no longer strolling around
- Detonation order: overlapping speech fixed
- Further possibilities added for AA locations, ZU-23 position improved
- Bugfix: Units sitting at fire now always stand up when alerted

- Intro and outro improved (preloading etc)
- patrolling vodnik exchanged to btr90 with moving searchlights
- BMP2 exchanged for actual AA vehicle to avoid confusion
- Officer Escape improved, backup escape car added if chopper gets damaged
- patrol script fixed and improved
- Mortar team added to airfield
- JWC_weapon_flashlight mod will assign russian weapons to AI if detected
- Audiolevels fixed
- voice files added, new versions better suited for stealth setting
- bugfix: chopper pilot no longer invincible
- bugfix: patrols making way for patrolcar return to their waypoints
- Helmetcam resolution problem fixed
- Helmetcam key eventhandler fixed, will no longer disable the default enter key function
- DoneKey issue fixed
- various bugfixes and improvements

vBeta 1.1
- Outro added, Intro fixed
- Now compatible with ACE (can have minor issues but no gamebreakers)
- AI Scripts improved
* Enemy reacts to hearing supressed shots (rifle heard further than pistol)
* AI checking suspicious activity will be assisted by near friendly units
* All Spotting Functions debugged, improved and optimized for performance
* Walking on Runway and standing infront of walls makes AI less likely to spot player
(only before 4am and if angle is right)
- Option added: Sabotage power generator (turns lights off at airfield for about 3 minutes)
-> Towerlight added to lightsources
- Function added: View helmetcam Bravo/Charlie (only use in safe situations!)
- Hidden objective added
- UPSMON replaced by simple patrol script
- Shots fired inside of a building are less audible to units outside
- Teammate can be healed if he can't walk
- Units in town are removed if player is far (alive units respawn if player gets close again)
- Bugfix: AI leaning back & pointing in sky bug is fixed
- Bugfix: Chopper no longer takes off prematurely
- Bugfix: dead units in tower must be found in order to trigger alarm
- Bugfix: found dead bodies can only trigger alarm if killed by player
- Bugfix: prematurely fired weapons causing alarm fixed
- Bugfix: Vodnik lights spotting works now
- Bugfix: Killed units dropping to floor no longer delayed
- Various other fixes and improvements

Credits & thanks:
Special Thanks to:
SaOk, SavedByGrace, AZCoder, Wiki and Mathias Eichinger for the great feedback and input

- MCSS stealth suite by Mad_Cheese
- LOS system & Dead body detection by SaOk
- Realistic Paradrop Script by DAP
- Ai-Soldier-Flare Script by Demonized & CarlGustaffa
- Compact USMC FOB template by edgardeth
- Jukebox Script by Celery
- Voiceacting by Rejenorst & BingoBango (95% done)
- Music borrowed from movie OST's (The Dark Knight, SAW, 300)

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- Armaholic forums
- BI forums
- Ofpec Beta Thread

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