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Version: 1.01

Date: 2007-09-16 20:30

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Virtual TrainingSpace

This mission helps you create an infinite number of exercises in real-time with a simple and universal model : starting at point A (Insertion), the players must reach point B, the objective, materialized by a flag.

The first purpose of that program is allowing the squad leader (must be a player) to choose the environmental parameters of his mission : the starting spot (either on the ground or parachuted), the location of the objective, the size of the enemy area, the canopy, the meteo, the time, mission with or without respawn…

The second purpose is the ability to use some advanced modules in-game: satellite view, artillery support. It’s a good occasion to use some realistic scripts: tactical withdrawal of the enemy, who will be more likely to flank the players, and the enhanced injury and healing system, which adds a more realistic touch to the game.

* Enhanced injury and healing system:
    A new healing system has been added in this mission, giving some particular importance to the medic. In case of injury, the players can be stunned (black veil). In case of a serious injury, a severe hemorrhage can occur (skull and hint « hemorrhage »). If this happens, the player will die in the few following minutes if he’s not healed by a medic. As for the medic, he only has 3 healing kits at his disposal. The healing action lasts longer.
* The logistics convoy:
    If you choose to play a mission with vehicles and weapons, you’ll then be able to call a logistics convoy. This will head towards the squad leader’s position. If the latter dies, the convoy will stop at his last location.

Place the VTS.Sara.pboo file in your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Quick overview of how to set up a custom ArmA mission:

Change log:
- Hostile zone marker is now interactive
- Some ATI cards crashed to desktop. It won't happen anymore

Credits and Thanks:
{CTR}Grimm wishes to thank the following people :

* Igor Drukov for his computer script (modified by [CTR]Grimm) ;
* snYpir for the TimeToString function (modified by [CTR]Grimm);
* ManDay for the HALO system (modified by [CTR]Grimm);
* Vektorboson and some code from Kronzky for the satellite view (modified by [CTR]Grimm);

* All the other scripts (Global mission script | injuries/healing system | Tactical withdrawing | random patrol, etc.) have been fully developed [CTR]Grimm ;

* Thank to the following Centurions for the testing and support : [CTR]Gladius, [CTR]Red(killer), [CTR]Highway, [CTR]Spectah, [CTR]Sirius, [CTR]Pingoo, [CTR]Storm, [CTR]Bragon, and all the Centurions members in general ;
* Thank to [CTR]Gladius for the English translation.

* Thanx to Canjuers team and to Corsair83 for their in-depth and exhaustive beta-testing!
* Thanx to Matt Rochelle and the {Gol} clan for the English version checks and the beta testing.

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