Author: n00bDooD
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.0

Date: 2013-04-29 16:44

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Nocturnal Vigilantes


"With the military unable to intervene, a group of vigilantes has to rescue high ranking officials from the hands of rogue extremists".

A group of political extremists have taken two high ranking military officials hostage. Due to the political tensions in the area an the risk of war, the military cannot attack the extremists. A undercover agent have gathered intel on the location of the hostages and of the enemy forces.
Because of this a group of civilian vigilantes takes the matter into their own hands, using any weapons they can gather. They will attack in the middle of the night by boat, and quickly seize a cache of enemy weapons, which will be used in the rescue operation.

Extract the contents of the .rar to your MPmissions-folder in your Arma 3 install folder. Alternatively, extract to your missions-folder for it to be available in single player.

  • The captors will attempt to kill the hostages once the hostages has been released.
  • None of the units have night vision goggles.

  • Enable javascript to be able to download from Armaholic please!

    Tags: Hostage,   Night