FSFLauncher A3 Edition updated

ToF released an updated version of the FSFLauncher A3 Edition on the Armaholic forums.
This is a Launcher developed using c# for Arma 3 managing your mods and startup parameters.

  • version: 1.00.1125.210:
      - [ADD] Custom Param in Param tab
      - [FIXED] some Interface Bug in Localized version (russian, Greek, spanih, US)
  • version: 1.00.1117.209:
      - [CHANGE] New design in External Prog.
      - [ADD] TASK FORCE RADIO Administration (FSF Version)
      - [ADD] TS3 dedicated version to TASK FORCE RADIO (FSF Version)
      - [CHANGE] Userconfig Structure review
  • version: 1.00.1111.209:
      - [ADD] Arma3 other Profile Tab
      - [FIXED] Crash if Missing Directory in My Doc
      - [FIXED] Bug when saving Selecting Mods
      - [ADD] Multi Tab for Mods Administration
      - [CHANGE] Save Mods Config
      - [CHANGE] Mods Interface
  • version: 01.00.1101.208:
      - [ADD] HeadLess Client Configuration
      - [CHANGE] Minor change in English Interface
      - [FIXED] Increase possible max value for MaxVRam to 4096
  • version: 1.00.1030.205:
      - [CHANGE] Increase possible max value for Maxmem to 8192
      - [CHANGE] Increase possible max value for MaxVRam to 4048
  • version: 1.00.1026.203:
      - [CHANGE] French translation "refresh Mods List" Button
  • version: 1.00.1026.202:
      - [CHANGE] Priority order administration
      - [ADD] Optionnal Resident program (FSF Version) to keep in Synch FSF Mods and FSF Members Mods (BETA)
      - [ADD] Refresh Mod List Button in Mods Tabs
      - [FIXED] Crash on startup when arma3 - Other profiles doesn t exist
      - [CHANGED] Renamming @RESSOURCES as @FRAMEWORK in FSF Sync (FSF version)
      - [FIXED] Button in @FRAMEWORK Tabs (FSF version)
      - [CHANGED] Improve SYNC Function (FSF Version)
  • version: 1.00.1008.197:
      - [ADD] @RESSOURCES Tab in FSF Sync (FSF Version)

Written on 2013-11-25 21:12 by ToF  

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