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Version: 2.04

Date: 2007-09-18 15:44

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Domination (2 teams)

Your goal is it to free randomly picked targets (up to 21) from all enemy forces.

In this version two teams (US and RACS) play against each other. The goal is not to kill each other but fight for points against the SLA forces. The US team starts at Rahmadi and the RACS team at Antigua.

- 21 main targets (you can select 4 up to 21 targets, 10 is default). Each time the mission starts target order gets picked randomly.
- 22 side missions. Resolving a side mission brings your team extra vehicles like A10, M1, Cobra, etc. (randomly picked)
- Small main target missions (destroy something, free some hostages, etc. Your team can get a Stryker or Humvee)
- 2 Mobile Respawns (medic MTW)
- Mobile respawns and the support trucks can be transported by by your blackhawks (essential feature, fly over it and select Lift Vehicle in the action menu)
- 2 engineers who can repair and refuel the blackhawks and the mobile respawns
- Artillery operator who can call artillery strikes every six minutes
- Rescue operator who can rescue hostages and bring them to your base)
- The driver of a mobile respawn MTW or the pilot of a blackhawk can create/drop ammocrates
- Blackhawks, mobile respawn MTWs and the support trucks respawn
- You can teleport to the mobile respawns or the flag at base if you choose "Teleport" in the action menu if you're near them
- Sometimes if a main target is cleared the enemy starts a counterattack
- Enemy KA50 and Mi17 sometimes appears. The Mi17 drops paratroopers
- A status dialog is available at the mobile respawns and the blackhawks that shows some information about the current target and sidemission
- Some small AI features like dropping smoke if they get attacked and more

Extract the pbo file to your ArmA\MPMissions fodler.

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