Zachs Full-on guide to Custom Weapons!
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Zachgibson22 released his guide to Custom Weapons for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote zachgibson22 :
    I have just finished a 30 page guide to Making a Custom Weapon for Arma 3.
    Here is what it contains:
      • Chapter 1 How to export a weapon from 3DS Max (Same principals apply to other programs)
      ---I May Make a basic Video in the future for modeling and mapping a simple weapon if people would like me to
      • Chapter 2 Setting Up Oxygen 2 and Buldozer (3d Viewer for O2)
      ---ehh I kinda cheated this part out…. Just a video from another user.
      • Chapter 3 Oxygen 2 and TexView2
      • Chapter 3.1 Importing a Model into Oxygen 2 (O2)
      • Chapter 3.2 Setting up all the needed/relavent LODs- Resolution LOD, Memory, Geometry, Shadow, View Pilot, and Proxies
      • Chapter 3.3 Converting your weapon textures into an A3 Readable format, (paa, pac) using TexView2
      • Chapter 3.4 CORRECTLY applying these textures in O2
      • Chapter 4 The config and model files
      • Chapter 4.1 The config file, making a fully custom one
      • Chapter 4.2 The model file, for the weapon and hand animation
      • Chapter 5 Making the custom hand animation for your weapon!
      • Chapter 6 Custom UI Images for the Inventory screen
      • Chapter 7 Binarizing the File CORRECTLY into a PBO

    It is complete with images and explanations.
    Keep in mind this is my first big guide, but I did my best! I spent many hours on this hammering away!
    I really hope you all enjoy it and find some use out of it!

Written on 2013-05-07 11:10 by Armaholic  

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