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Requirements: Arma 2, Cold War Rearmed², CWR² - Royal Netherlands Army Expansion, CWR² - British Armed Forces Expansion, Lynx AH7 pack, RKSL Flare System, RKSL System, RAF Puma HC1 Pack, Project82 - CH-47 Bravo November, Community Base Addons
Island(s): Abel, Cain, Eden
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Version: 1.00

Date: 2013-05-10 20:31

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ULOTC Campaign (Operation Ignition)

Ben Morgan (UK) ported by CimaleX

The year is 1985, and Mikhail Gorbachev has come to power in the Soviet Union.
While his Glasnost and Perestroika reforms are welcomed by western governments, there are communist hardliners in his own government that are unsympathetic to his cause.
During whole 1984 and the first months of 1985 the economical situation of the East block have worsen, this have a consequence in severe social disorders in East Germany and Poland, while thousands of refugees try to flee the eastern countries. In spite of the economical supplies aided from the west to those countries that have more needs, plenty of workers strikes and violent disorders erupted all along those countries.
The situation has got even worse during last days, after several soviet air force Migs violation of German and Danish airspace, NATO forces have been alerted, while unspecified units have been spotted close the Baltic islands of Everon and Malden, formerly independent but a few dozens of miles far from Warsaw Pact countries coastline.
It is still not known if the soviets have planned a full scale invasion of West NATO territory, anyway now its is clear that Gen. Aleksei Guba, a renegade soviet army general, backed by his staff and by a former government secretary of defence, is determined to bring down Gorbachev and make himself the next leader of the Soviet Union.
General Guba commands an army on the island base of Kolgujev. Guba invades nearby Everon, crushing the militia force there, and secretly plans to take the war to the Americans.
The NATO presence on Malden moves in to investigate the loss of contact with Everon, and reports an invasion by an 'unknown hostile force'. When a helicopter of troops sent to investigate doesn't return, the Yankees orders a full scale invasion of Everon, not knowing about the Soviets.
Though the NATO forces manage to take control a portion of the island, the Soviets eventually counter-attack, causing heavy losses to the American forces and forcing their hasty retreat back to US-controlled Malden.
The Soviets don't only reclaim Everon but push onto Malden as well which brings the Americans on the edge of defeat.
The US receives an ultimatum from Guba but at the same time he is informed by Washington that a recovery operation called OPERATION FLASHPOINT have been launched, while a full carrier group is on route at flank speed to lend assistance, NATO forms secretly a task force to support the Americans, this task force is called the JOTC (Joint Operational Tactical Corps) and is led by British units (mainly armored units and light infantry taken from the British Army of the Rhine - BAOR in Germany) and by some elite units of the Royal Netherlands armed forces.
The British task group is called UKOTC (United Kingdom Operational Tactical Corps) and the missions involving the British contingent is re-named as OPERATION IGNITION by its HQ specially set up at the University of London Officer's Corps (ULOTC).
Time is of the essence as both the NATO and Moscow denied that hostilities broke out on the islands to prevent panic but at the same time the USSR, and later NATO began a full-scale mobilization, allegedly as a military exercises.
General Guba is in possession of a nuclear-tipped SCUD aimed at Malden and the American forces must prevent the missile launch from happening to avoid the beginning of World War III.
British task in OPERATION IGNITION (ULOTC) is to support and flank the Americans retaking possession of the islands, fighting in less demanding sectors of the war zone, but no less dangerous.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your rmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

A 30 odd mission campaign, am I nuts?: Well not entirely, whilst I am an ex Territorial Army soldier of the country where I live (like the original author).
I hope you enjoy it, its taken me 2 months at 12 hours (!) a day to do the porting job to AII and I'm pretty proud of it, the first missions are pretty rusty, but after about mission 14 I felt I had a good understanding of the editor and its various strengths and weaknesses. I hope you enjoy it enough to get beyond that stage as there are some truly cool missions after that!

Cutscenes: You may have noticed that this campaign has very few. This is for two reasons. One I have devoted my time to mission editing not cutscene creation, I have noticed that some mission on the net have amazing presentation, slick cutscenes and then a average mission behind it. My fear was that the missions would be style over content, so instead of making cutscene I devoted my time to play testing and fine tuning, further more cutscenes decrease the interative level of the game, you should find the thrills whilst playing the game, not as an observer. Second reason; cutscenes take me about the same amount of time to script as a mission, so doing one for every mission would significanlty increase the workload. The story line is under the notes section of the breifing.

Camoflauge Faces: Like in real operations, most part of the soldiers involved in frontline ops, carry a camo face.

Artillery: I chose to make the Artillery in the campaign scripted rather than under player control-its simply too powerful to allow the player to control.

Veteran Mode: All of these missions were made in cadet mode, this is not a reflection of my gaming style, in complete contrast, I'm an ex-TA soldier and like things are real as possible! It was simply out of ease. Some missions due to their high waypoint content really need to be played with waypoints on. Furthermore the campaign is quite hard as it is so Veteran mode may just prove impossible! The best way to simulate Veteran mode with Waypoints is to turn off all the options in the menu.

Single missions not campaign: The missions are placed under the single missions directory for two main reasons, firstly I do not know how to make them appear under the cmapaign listing in a satisfactory manor, ie in order, with full overviews and so on. Secondly the only example I have seen that did suceed in this contained an excellent game within, but it did have a major technical fault, half way through the campaign it ceased to function. Therefore the safe road is the single mission road.

Spelling Mistakes: Sorry about them, its a one man project and not british in origin, I can't check everything!

Who wrote the story? I sucks: Well sorry you don't like it but the story was written around the missions, how would you feel if the campaign had a great story line and crap missions?

What are the custom flags?: they are the original author old regiments (the ULOTC) colours.

Known issues:
General: avoid speeding up time it has a bizzare affect on the AI in some of the more 'busy' missions. Some people may find these missions a bit slow but it is my attempt to remodel modern warfare in its whole as I see it and within the limitations of the game rather than turning out fast paced battles. READ the BRIEFING THOROUGHLY not only does it provide useful, relevant information but provides a "story line". Also ensure that the waypoints are visual in game, most missions have 40+ waypoints per group, I am attempting to rework it without this, but that will happen after the WHOLE campaing (around 30 missions) is finished.

MISSION OBJECTIVES: If a mission objective states that anything has to be destroyed this means completely destroyed (crumpling of vehicle and explosion) not just abandoned, if a mission is not completing this is the likely cause, go over and give the wrecks their finally blessing!

These missions have all been play-tested and rewritten several times however the following errors may occur:

Credits & Thanks:
All credits to Mr Ben Morgan from London

- Arma 2
- Cold War Rearmed²
- Cold War Rearmed² - Royal Netherlands Army Expansion
- Cold War Rearmed² - British Armed Forces Expansion
- Lynx AH7 pack
- RKSL Flare System
- RKSL System
- RAF Puma HC1 Pack
- Project82 - CH-47 Bravo November RAF and Ejercito argentino
- Community Base Addons

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