Author: austin(medic)
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Version: 0.5

Short description: Something to help combat the script kiddies

Date: 2013-05-20 06:44

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Shut Em Down Antihack [ALPHA]


There has been a few different antihacks floating around but nothing that was really an all in one type.
This antihack so far contains a few things to help fight the hacker problem currently on Arma 3:
  • antiteleport.sqf
      - kind of obvious what this does. It stops teleporting n00bz (the distance to go before getting caught can be changed, 700 is what i set.)
  • addoncheck.sqf
      - this is kinda useless if you have verifysignature = 2 in your server config. It looks for things like DevCon then locks the player that did not pass it.
  • misc.sqf
      - this contains some variable checks that should stop the children trying to hack, looks for some other things as well. I wouldn't be surprised if hackers can get around this check fairly easy.
  • punish.sqf
      - Obviously this handles players who were caught by any of the other scripts. Also in here you can edit what it says to the hacker.

Installation / Usage:
Only thing you really need to do is put the antihack folder inside your mission then put inside the init.sqf:
execVM "antihack\AntihackInit.sqf";
That should run the antihack over and over, surprisingly from when I tested it there was not very much strain on the server or clients.

Future plans:
I plan on adding some more to this after full release.

let me know if you find any bugs with the scripts...

Credits & Thanks:
DMM Clan - Testing my antihack
Whoevers script i used some code out of in a stratis life mission....
anybody else i might have forgotten...

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