Author: Snaiperskaya
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Version: 1.0

Short description: Small utility to make ammobox filling easier and faster

Date: 2013-05-23 13:09

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Snaiperskaya's AmmoBox Filler [ALPHA]


SAF is a very small Windows application i've made with my little Visual Basic knowledge.
It was made for simplifying ammobox(es) filling process by script.
It simply makes a file that will fill the ammobox with selected items/weapons/magazines.

Just some notes:
- The "Clean Ammobox" checkbox will clean the default ammobox content (Eg. it will remove MX rifles from US ammobox).
- The scripts will be created in the same directory of SAF.
- By default empty "Qt." box means 1. So if You leave it empty but with a selected object, in your script there will be 1 unit of the selected one.
- By default the script name is "ammobox.sqf" so if you leave the "script name" box empty there will be no changes.
- Scripts made with this tools are also compatible with vehicles (cars, helicopters and other).

One virusscanner (Filseclab, metascan - online) comes back with a positive when you scan this file, many other scanner declare it clean.
Take a look yourself before installing!!

Virus Scan: Here

Additional Virus scans:
1 - Virus Total
2 - Virusscan
3 - Metascan
4 - Virscan
5 -Vscan
6 - OnlineLinkScan
7 - Virus Chief
8 - Avast Online - not reportable, screen here
9 - Dr. Web

To install run the exe file.

And if I have any suggestions for You?
Then just write them here, or directly to [email][/email]

- Now You can Update SAF by just clicking on "Check for Updates" (In File menĂ¹).

- Added a small window (just use the open/close button to see/hide it) that show You the current script content.
- SAF is no more re-sizable.

- Currently supported all ArmA3 Alpha rev.05592 weapons, items and magazines.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- .NET Framework 4.5

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