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Requirements: Gardinas Island by Alex.Sworn and Queen's Gambit Expansion
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Version: 3.0

Date: 2007-10-24 03:48

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Seize six zones

Sector control + mechanization (land and air) + CQB(Entry)
Three-sided battle (SLA,USA,RACS)

-Fire support to the raid team from the artillery team (v3.0)
-Defense by machine-gun and bunker
-Automated reinforcement
-Three-sided battle (Selectable)
-Multiple capture and hold

Seize_six_zones_v3.GIMAP -> Requested Addon: Gardinasisland
Seize_six_zones_v3.Porto -> Requested Addon: non (Queens Gambit is required)
*The mission of island Gardinasisland can't be saved. (It fails in loading the saved data.)

How to play:
The first
You occupy the zone(*1) specified(*2) for an assault team.
*1) Six zones with house
*2) Mark of "Seize here!"
*The team leader changes the flag.

The second
When the zone is occupied, the force reinforces it.

The third
If eight AI soldiers or more arrive at the post in the house(*1) in the zone, it becomes [UC] mode(*2).
*1) The AI soldier in the zone moves automatically to the post. (It locks to the position until becoming [UC] mode)
*2) Under Control mode

The fourth
IFV is supplied in the [UC] mode. The raid team is organized when IFV arrives, and the team moves to the target(*1). It is switchable(*2) to the member of the team.
*1) Mark of "Raid here!"
*2) Team switch (T key)

Make six zones [UC] mode for five minutes.
*Recommended regular mode.

[Mission beginning]
When the mission begins, sides(SLA,USA,RACS) and the unit is allocated at random. Even if you die, you can return by the team switch.

[Mission time and weather]
It is random. The night mission occurs uncommonly.

Place the pbo file in your ArmA\Missions folder.

Change log:
    -Large scale combat in deep forest
    -Occupation of fortress
    -Defense by machine-gun and bunker (automatic)
    -Reinforcement by IFV (Acceleration of supply)
    -Transfer to other zones
    -Side that can be selected
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